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    Baiji Shenzhou and Anjin jointly declared BiTE therapy approved clinical in China!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    According to the Information published by the Drug Review Center (CDE) of the State Drug Administration of China, BiTE ® immunotherapy AMG160, jointly declared by Baiji Shenzhou and Amgen, has been granted implicit permission from clinical trials to develop an indication that the adaptive disease is adult metastatic deified resistance to prostate cancer (mCRPC)This is a brand-new candidate drug, for the first time approved in China clinical, and the world is still in the phase 1 clinical phaseProstate cancer is the most common malignant cancer among men worldwide and the second leading cause of cancer-related death in men in the last three decades, after lung cancerAccording to statistics, one in eight men in the world is affected by prostate cancer, close to the proportion of breast cancer in womenProstate-specific membrane antigens (PSMA) are proteins that are almost specifically expressed on the surface of prostate cell membranes (100-1000 times the amount expressed in prostate cells in other tissues such as small intestines, renal tubes and salivary gland cells), and are expressed on the tumor's new vascular cells, rather than on normal vascular cells, and are therefore a good target for targeting cancer cells without affecting normal cells,AMG160T(bispecific T cell engager,BITE®),PSMA,TCD3,T。 BiTE ® Antibody Builder is an immunotherapy that fights cancer by helping the body's immune system detect and target malignant cellsThe modified antibodies connect T cells to tumor cells, using the patient's own immune system to eradicate cancerBiTE ® helps to place T cells within the range of target cells, allowing T-cells to inject toxins and trigger cancer cell apoptosisIn November 2019, Baiji Shenzhou and Amgen reached a global strategic partnership on oncology, which will not only develop and commercialize a number of Amgen approved oncology products in China, but will also jointly develop 20 anti-tumor drugs worldwide, including BiTE ® immunotherapyThe AMG160 is the first clinical approval in China, which also means that Baiji Shenzhou and Anjin's cooperative development has made new progressIt is worth mentioning that the treatment is currently in the clinical phase of Phase 1 worldwideWe look forward to a breakthrough in the follow-up development of this innovative therapy, which will benefit more patients as soon as possible.
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