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    Basic operating steps of liquid filling machine

    • Last Update: 2022-10-01
    • Source: Internet
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    If the operator can master the operation process of liquid filling estimates, then the efficiency of production is also a good improvement

    Although there are many types of liquid filling machines on the market today and the differences are also very large, some of the basic operating methods are still not much different

    Shanghai Shenggang takes you to understand the operation process
    of liquid filling machine.

    Before use, check to see if the 220V/380V power supply is linked to the liquid filling machine, and whether the chassis has a grounding wire

    Make sure that the air pressure on the liquid filling machine is up to standard, and check whether the motors, bearings, etc.
    need to be lubricated, and remember not to let the bearings and other parts of the
    oil-free operation.

    At the same time, observe whether each storage tank has a material chain, whether there is debris on the conveyor belt, whether the power supply, gas source, etc.
    have been connected

    Check whether the liquid filling machine is in normal operation, check whether the valve of the reaction tank is closely connected to the filtration device, and whether the filtration device is damaged or damaged

    The lid of the unloading device is closed to ensure that the material does not leak
    due to excessive pressure during packaging.

    Check the parts of each component for looseness or damage

    Before starting the work, it is necessary to confirm whether there is water in the water tank, whether the chain plate is stuck, whether there is debris on the conveyor belt, and if there is no problem, then start working
    at boot.

    Open the conveyor belt when you start working, but don't rush to put the bottle up to let the belt run for a while to see if there will be any abnormalities, and if not, then turn on the liquid canning machine and then work

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