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    Bauhinia paint the latest launch of the "Super-Guardian X-UNION series" antibacterial coating.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-30
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    Ye Chemical's Bauhinia paint recently launched the "Super-Guardian X-UNION series" antibacterial coatings, looking forward to high performance to the sensitive population "comfortable" home.

    "Super-Guardian X-UNION Series" using excellent coating technology and environmental protection design, through a number of environmental standards, including The Chinese environmental mark, France indoor air environmental testing A-grade certification and The Japanese industrial standard JIS Z-2801.

    "Super-Guardian X-UNION Series" for different family needs, the introduction of 3 products including pet anti-wall paint, Shumin antibacterial wall paint and home antibacterial wall paint.

    pet anti-bacterial wall paint for pet families, effective against the cause of human and pet disease single-up listeria and small enterocol colitis Yelson bacteria, antibacterial rate as high as 99.9%.

    this wall paint, according to pet characteristics, also adds "strong antibacterial", "hair is not easy to absorb", "hard anti-scratch" and "I-grade anti-fouling" and other effects.

    Shumin antibacterial wall paint is specially tailored for sensitive people, effectively resist mold that can lead to allergies, and has strong antibacterial effect, in the anti-bacterial technology on the basis of the addition of high-efficiency dealdehyde technology, strong adsorption and decomposition of formaldehyde.

    anti-bacterial wall paint to meet the basic needs of the public on antibacterial, with "anti-pneumonia Krebsis", "strong antibacterial", "clean taste environmental protection" and "tough and resistant rub" four super protection tips.

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