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    Bayer launches herbicide Adengo (isoxazolinone + thioxidosulfon) in Brazil

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
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    World Agrochemical Network Chinese reported: Weed infestation has always been an important factor
    seriously affecting agricultural productivity.
    According to the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), losses from weed problems account for an average of 13 to 15 percent
    of food production.
    To help corn producers tackle weeds, Bayer has recently launched the herbicide Adengo®, a pre-budding herbicide with two active ingredients of action (isoxazolinone and thionesulfon) with a wider range of control and effective
    against both broad and narrow leaves.
    Canadian canopy, calamus, chicken claw, euphorbia heterophylla and other weeds compete with crops for water and nutrients, negatively impacting maize's production potential and harming entire agricultural production systems
    In addition, they hinder the harvest of crops, and when branches become entangled in corn plants, the harvester cannot operate
    A producer from SàLuiz Gonzaga (RS) says that this solution has helped him control the main weeds, even the most resistant
    Adengo® ensures better planting conditions, helping to keep crops clean and harvest levels stable
    Adengo® was tested in 2021-22 on 522 farms in all production areas of Brazil, with a total area of more than 773,000 hectares, and the results showed a significant increase in
    Even in years with drier climates and lower production potential, the average yield using Adengo® herbicides was 2.
    8 bags/ha (sc/ha)
    higher than the conventional model.
    In the summer and off-season, Adengo® performs best
    in areas with the worst weed infestation.
    High-yield potential crops grown during the hottest and wettest periods have increased yields by more than
    15 sc/ha compared to the traditional model.
    Tests have shown that weed emergence rates have been reduced by more than
    85% in the test areas where Adengo® was applied.
    Another special feature of Adengo®, "Recharge Effect", provides more convenience
    for producers.
    Even in drought situations, such as last year's drought, or in summer, the product can be left undegraded in the soil, and when the humidity is restored, the herbicide action will be reactivated
    This new solution is robust and can be used with or without straw before maize emerges to ensure effective control of weed seeds, increase maize yield, and make the area cleaner for later cultivation management
    Adengo® also helps producers produce more sustainable products
    Some producers reflected: "The residual effect of this product in a certain area is longer-lasting, so there is no need for other applications
    " ″
    Practice applied technology
    Another factor that helps producers increase productivity and aid decision-making is the application of digital tools, such as the Bayer Climate FieldView platform
    Of the 113 producers who applied Adengo® in their summer crops, 55% used the tool for multiple uses, 14% for planting, 28% for spraying and 36% for harvesting
    The advent of this digital tool technology adds more value to production, helping producers make decisions
    based on basic information and historical data on their own plots.
    That's why Bayer invests in technology research and development to provide its customers with customized agricultural solutions
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