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    Beauty Skin Care Food (above)

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    Beauty may be superficial, but the right ingredients can make you beautiful from the inside out today's consumers are looking for products that make them healthy from the inside out, including food, beverages and dietary supplements. Some of the ingredients in these products have obvious health effects, such as making the skin clean and smooth by enhancing skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and improving the overall appearance. Safety, convenience and product performance are equally important for producers developing products for this booming market.products
    such as the "beauty-from-within"
    generally contain ingredients known as functional cosmetics or oral cosmetics. Oral beauty products are marketed through a variety of nutritious foods, including beverages and functional foods that claim to allow the body to be beautiful from the inside out."
    eat beautiful
    is becoming a consumer trend, food and vegetables are labeled as "beautiful". These foods usually contain antioxidants. Fruit extract carries a halo of super fruit to instill in consumers the idea of using natural methods to maintain skin and body health.blueberries are at the forefront of research and development because they contain antioxidants and have physiological benefits.than other ingredients, certain ingredients show a variety of functions in maintaining good health and can be used in a range of oral products, such as gels, bubbly tablets, sacs and even sweets.consumer demand and improvements in raw material technology allow manufacturers to combine the right ingredients with food and beverage
    plus clever packaging
    to the and beverage producers are actively involved in the multi-billion dollar industry. According
    forecast by
    Euromonitor, the global
    market will grow to $
    50 billion by the end of

    While most skincare products focus on the risk of excessive UV exposure and reduce the risk of skin cancer, more and more consumers are also looking at products that promise to make skin, hair and nails healthier.some ingredients, such as vitamin
    , other carotenoids and hyaluracid acids, together with soy, green tea,
    fatty acids, are well-known and skin-improving nutrients.some of these ingredients have a long history of use in external skin care. However, recent studies have shown that eating these ingredients can also have a beauty effect. Vitamin
    , especially tocopherol, has attracted attention for its skin-promoting properties. Similarly, carotenoids, anthotin, lolitin and lycoprotein are also components that promote skin health.According to a study by the
    Linus Pauling Institute
    , the mechanisms of polyphenol-like espressins may be related to the health benefits of flavanols to blood vessels the effects of phytochemicals on photoaging in addition to basic antioxidant properties, more research is needed to promote and maintain the body's beauty through diet.biggest research obstacle is that the structure of phytochemicals in most
    products is digested and changed, which can affect their function. However, existing and ongoing studies have shown that some anecdotal rumors and folk medical traditions may have some scientific justification.
    Gianna Angelo

    Wilhelm Stahl
    , from the University of Dusseldorf in Germany and the Linus Paulin Institute at Oregon State University in
    Corvallis, Ohio, USA, compared the
    ability of some plant chemicals to improve or maintain skin health
    when used and oral. In this review, there are some plant ingredients that stand out., for example, soy isoflavone dye flavonoids are thought to be good for skin health because they can be combined with estrogen-like estrogens expressed in skin cells that can affect skin aging., especially dye litin in soy isoflavones, has long been studied by scholars for its anti-photooxidant potential for post-menotinal women.a population study,

    post-menoanth women were taken orally for
    of soybean extract per day. After
    months of treatment, the women's
    skin thickness, elastic fiber content, collagen fiber content and hip skin had significantly increased the vein system compared to the control.
    ” The review cites a Heinrich et al.
    (Heinrich, et al.)
    the study of green tea,
    noted positive short-term effects of serum flavonoid levels and blood flow from the fine blood vessels of the skin after taking a certain dose of green tea extract capsules or orally. By detecting skin microcirculation to verify that
    increased skin blood flow facilitates the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin
    , they speculate that
    flavonoids have an effect on skin health
    " The results showed that
    had a rapid and transient
    increase in skin microcirculation of subjects taking different concentrations of green tea extract compared to the control
    . It
    dose dependence was shown between tabletopic tea levels and green tea extract concentrations in the blood of
    " and reached the highest concentration two hours after taking.
    ” In their discussion of cocoa powder research, it was pointed out that cocoa powder contains a large amount of flavanol table certin and certin,
    reported a double-blind intervention trial of
    healthy young women
    , which showed daily consumption of cocoa drinks containing flavanols.
    months can
    improve the skin's light protection
    and improve the skin's
    . Authors note that

    , like green tea drinks, high flavanol content of cocoa powder can reduce erythema formation caused by ultraviolet light, enhance microcirculation, improve skin structure
    shaped like rough skin, atrophy, skin relaxation and wrinkles
    , reducing the loss of surface moisture. Cocoa drinks with a high flavanol content of
    (329 mg)
    can quickly and briefly increase blood table acetone levels and leather microcirculation after being taken at a certain dose.
    has the effect of improving skin structure, texture and water balance may be due to its ability to increase blood flow to the skin.
    ” Angelo
    also note that other flavonoids, especially reedin and its derivatives,
    can improve the skin by affecting vascular permeability and vascular brittleness.
    ” The authors further point out that the role of flavonoids in protecting blood vessels
    can reduce the formation of red blood silk
    a type of capillaries dilation of the skin surface

    ) and bruises
    small erythema
    ) formed by capillaries or broken blood vessels
    ” Angelo
    further cite studies that have confirmed the chelation capacity of certain flavonoids, and point out that
    appears to inhibit the enzyme activity of blood clotting and inflammation when combined with metals, thereby affecting capillary permeability and plate plate aggregation.

    Deep Foods
    's cold-pressed turmeric juice the synergy of different ingredients to the skin The latest study shows that certain nutrients
    e.g. vitamins, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals work better than the combined effects of individual effects). manufacturers can successfully make eye-catching, convenient foods and beverages with
    properties, which are also easier to meet consumer needs. This synergy is usually achieved with premixes. therefore, premixes are ideal for
    products that are "beauty-from-
    " products. As carriers of these plant extracts, beverages and chewing tablets are the first choice for consumers. Chewing tablets and rubber candy, which are considered children's exclusive snacks are now grow up
    , gaining favor with more and more adult consumers, especially in sports and energy-based nutrition. For example, many women have been successful with rubber sugar chews in the
    Optimal Solutions
    series of water
    fruity dietary supplements from
    Nature's Bount
    . The product claims to make the

    and make the
    hair more shiny, making nails harder
    . Optimal Solutions
    range of products contains antioxidant

    , vitamin
    and biotin. Some products in this range contain
    vitamins, and some contain collagen. All of these nutrients are known to be important for skin health, with vitamin
    important for collagen formation, the substation needed to support healthy skin, and to reduce wrinkles. many beverages also contain collagen and collagen peptides, which provide a basic
    for healthy
    Nature's Bounty
    has also developed a range of sand ice and milkshakes that address a wide range of health issues, such as energy, immunity, digestive system-related ingredients, and
    biotin for hair, skin and nail health. The product is available in chocolate and vanilla flavors and contains cellulose in addition to
    vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, probiotics and probiotics
    . vitamins

    , biotin,
    vitamins and collagen are recognized as nutrients needed for healthy skin. good skin, drink out antioxidant beverages use the healthy halo of these nutrients for sale, these ingredients have antibody internal and external oxidative damage. But some of these ingredients are beginning to show a more direct link between oxidative damage, dermatation and skin health. some products, such as
    dietary supplement-type beverages, are on sale as a

    Ant-Ageing Beverages and the promotional label says it can
    recover fine lines and wrinkles
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