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    Beauty Skin Care Foods (d)foodaily

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    even skin pigment loss can benefit from
    the beauty method.for more thanyears, consumers have believed that collagen has a beauty effect, and almost every young woman has heard
    " from her mother
    .more than a century,

    now owned by Kraft Foods Inc.
    Secured to its
    is already thought to be a product that makes women look better and makes hair and nails stronger. Gelatin is the source of hydrolysed collagen, a structural protein in connective tissues of the body. It forms the skin's substation and accounts for about 80% of the
    .because of cortical structure and other factors, such as aging, ultraviolet radiation, hormone levels and nutritional status, these factors can affect the skin's cortical layer. Scientists have found that collagen in the diet slows down the process and reduces the effects of various harmful factors on the skin. Gelatin is usually sold in powder form and is tasteless, colorless and odorless, so gelatin is ideal for adding to a wide variety of formulations.peptides derived from collagen have also been shown to be safe and powerful sources of protein. Polypeptides are known to protect bone and joint health, in addition to scientifically supported peptides that improve skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles from forming by reducing collagen fragmentation, increasing collagen density and regenerating skin cells.- and odorless, colorless, tasteless peptides have been successfully applied to fruit-flavoured florides, powdered dressing packs and bubble flakes of all flavors.

    , 2013, another study in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Kiel in Germany also demonstrated that collagen peptides have the ability to enhance skin health and have a positive impact on the synthesis of dermatological substates and reduced a double-blind controlled trial,
    women between the ages of
    45 and 65
    were randomly divided into two groups, one receiving
    collagen peptide intervention and the other a blank control, which lasted
    weeks. Skin wrinkles were measured at the beginning of the intervention, weeks
    after the intervention, and
    weeks after the intervention.a subgroup is used to analyze changes in
    a collagen preludes
    ) produced by fibroblasts and other cells in the body before and after intervention
    weeks of intervention, collagen peptide group
    eye wrinkles decreased by an average of more than
    weeks after collagen peptide group effect is almost
    . Eventually, the maximum reduction in wrinkles around the eye is close
    .addition, after collagen peptide
    weeks, the subject's body
    pre-collagen increased by
    , elastin An increase of
    , creatin fibrin increased by
    , and after
    weeks of intervention, the amount of wrinkles around the eyes of the collagen peptide group decreased by
    .gelatin, collagen and collagen peptides are generally made in cattle and pigs, but can also be made from fish. Because compared to gelatin from other sources, fish glue is odorless, colorless, tasteless, and has high quality, can be used as a substitute for those consumers who do not eat cow gum or pig gum.some consumers don't eat all animal products, and this group of consumers is growing in size, while vegetarian gelatin offers them an alternative.and inflammation affect both inside and outside the body, and some substances in super fruits protect the body from oxidation and inflammation. whitening although everyone's views are different
    although there is still a great deal of controversy
    after being despised for half a century, whitening is once again a trend. That's what a lot of people, especially women, do their best to achieve. Melagenol
    is a natural oral beauty formula that makes skin bright and white. The company's slogan,
    Whitening Skin from The Intro-Out, reveals the fact that its products contain plant-active ingredients, in particular
    Aloysia Tryphilla
    Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
    , a combination of two plant extracts that have proven safe and effective and have the effects of beauty and skin disorders. the product plays a beauty role by inhibiting the activity of tyrosine enzymes, which inhibits the body's ability to produce melanin. Tyrosine is a key enzyme needed to produce melanin in the body, which browns the skin. the real effect of these products is to remove maroon spots and spots on aging skin
    , the so-called
    " freckles
    . Some people are more likely to tolerate skin decoloration than other problems. a raw materials manufacturer predicts that
    sales of whitening products will reach

    20 billion
    2018. This optimistic estimate can be attributed to the fact that the results of external products used to whiten the skin are sometimes not very good. Some products create more problems, but none of this weakens consumers' expectations of whitening and beauty. Oral alternatives offer hope to consumers. a recent
    Miguel Hernandez
    University in Elche
    , Spain, showed that
    inhibits the production of melanin in melanin cells
    cells that produce melanin
    and has a dose of
    reaction. Therefore, the production of unwelcome skin spots can be avoided, as for some people they reduce attractiveness
    and therefore unacceptable
    . researchers have reported that
    has a
    triple effect
    directly suppresses the production of black The main enzyme of the hormone, the antioxidant effect it provides, inhibits the production of melanin by reducing the activity of free agents produced by oxidative stress and ultraviolet radiation, and has an anti-inflammatory effect, hindering the production of inflammatory media in the skin, which stimulates the synthesis of melanin after skin exposure to ultraviolet light. the last two factors, melanin is known to protect skin cells from UV radiation and therefore reduces the risk of cancer. It can also prevent or reduce age-related or light-induced spots that first appear on the skin. , changing the natural complexion for whitening is still controversial, so there's still a lot of work to be done for marketers. For manufacturers, it's important to identify the benefits they want to offer: whitening skin to change a person's appearance, or to eliminate age-specific spots for consumers. In a study of
    women aged
    , oral collagen peptides
    weeks and
    weeks later, changes in wrinkles in the trial group and increases in pre-collagen, elastin, and creatinose content were compared to the placebo group. skin care products account for 42.7% of the oral beauty
    . , of course what's in the product is what's in it. Savvy manufacturers in order
    the hearts
    , over and over again to change packaging. Food manufacturers have only a few seconds to catch consumers' attention. So this is where the claims of beauty products become a hidden worry. Regeneration USA
    's natural hazelnuts and cocoa chocolate cakes are packaged with the very important word anti-aging
    , which is associated with the resveratrol content. Last year, a food ingredients manufacturer conducted a double-blind crossover, placebo-controlled study of
    healthy subjects
    , which showed that human neutral granulocyte elastinase
    activity was inhibited within two hours of intake of phytonutrogen-rich extracts extracted from lemon horsewhip grass and other plant-based herbs. HNE
    is an enzyme that degrades elastin, a major structural protein responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin and other connective tissues. Currently, the ingredient is being marketed as a pill and claims to produce moisturizing young skin, shiny shiny hair and healthy nails.
    ” Phytonutrils from other plant sources can also promote skin anti-aging and reduce wrinkles, including cocoa, rosemary, olive oil, grape seed extract, pomegranates, fruit from coffee trees and even mushrooms. Flavonol compounds in cocoa beans are antioxidant-related and can help prevent damage from ultraviolet rays, which can lead to skin aging, and studies have shown that the surface portion of cocoa pods contains phytochemicals, powerful antioxidants that inhibit skin degradation enzymes such as tyrosinease. cocoa pod extract has been used in some beverage products. Last year

    Agro Innova
    unveiled its new
    drink, which is sour and sweet and made from cocoa pods and smells and tastes a lot like the aloe vera drinks that are now popular. Speaking of aloe vera, this meaty plant

    Curaso aloe vera is not only a well-known skin care material, but also has a long history as a traditional available medicine because it can supplement the body with antioxidant phytochemicals. nut skins are rich in polyphenols, especially a class of flavonoids called
    , which are high in hazelnuts, walnuts and peanut skins and are several times more antioxidant than berries. Nuts also contain a lot of omega fatty acids, as well as beauty ingredients that have gained attention. other skin-healthy nutrients found in fruits and nuts include vitamin
    , vitamin
    and vitamin
    . Avocados are a good example of the high levels of these ingredients in avocados, in addition to which they contain serotonin, zephrine and magnesium, which are also closely related to skin health. super fruits are becoming
    trend towards
    , fruits and vegetables are thought to be used for beauty. They contain antioxidants and other phytochemicals, have a halo of super fruits, and nourish skin and health in a natural way. "s
    always have a lot of people on as super
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