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    Beida Pharmaceuticals is going to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to list, and two more anti-cancer drugs are about to be approved! 15 in the research of innovative drug projects into the clinical stage

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    Recently, Beda Pharmaceuticals announced that it had considered the adoption of the Bill on the Company's Plan to Issue H-Shares and List on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.
    means that the local innovative pharmaceutical company, founded in 2003, is about to embark on a new financing journey on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange following its listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2016.
    Screenshot Source: Reference: Beda Pharmaceuticals focuses on research and development of innovative drugs with independent intellectual property rights, and is the Chairman and CEO of Dr. Ding Leming for major diseases such as malignancies and diabetes that seriously affect human health.
    Since its inception, Beida Pharmaceuticals has commercialized two new drugs, its self-developed EGFR-TKI Ektini (commodity name: Kemina) and a new generation of ALK inhibitor Nsatini capsules (commodity name: Bemena) developed with controlling subsidiary Xcovery.
    the launch of these two new drugs, bringing new treatment options to patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
    research and development pipeline, Bayda Pharmaceuticals currently has more than 30 innovative drug research projects, 15 have entered the clinical trial stage.
    , Vectibix and MIL60, introduced from Amgen, have entered the stage of listing application (NDA) in China.
    new drug has benefited more than 200,000 lung cancer patients with hydrochloric acid ecstasy is The Bayda Pharmaceuticals industry for nearly a decade of independent research and development of the first class of innovative drugs.
    It is a powerful, highly selective small molecule oral skin growth factor inhibitor tyrosine kinase inhibitor (EGFR-TKI), which can specifically and competitively bind to the ATP binding points in the EGFR kinase functional region, inhibiting its kinase activity and thus blocking the conduction of relevant signals such as cancer cell proliferation and metastasis.
    Ektinib in China in June 2011 (Photo: Beda Pharmaceuticals.
    Currently, the product has been approved for adaptation: single drug is suitable for the treatment of topical late stage or metastasis NSCLC patients with sensitive mutations of the skin growth factor (EGFR) gene first-line treatment, but also can be used for local late stage or transfer of NSCLC second- and third-line treatment.
    , Ektini has improved the lives of many lung cancer patients.
    According to Beda Pharmaceuticals' 2019 annual report, by the end of 2019, the product had benefited more than 200,000 patients with advanced lung cancer, including 1,500 patients who had been taking ecstasy for more than five years, with cumulative sales exceeding 7 billion yuan.
    ALK inhibitors have wrote their first prescriptions for a new drug in a decade, a well-known saying in the pharmaceutical industry.
    the first decade of escetinib, Beda Pharmaceuticals succeeded in developing a new drug for lung cancer, ensartinib, in the second decade.
    this is a new powerful, highly selective new generation of APK inhibitors, by effectively inhibiting the activity of APK, to inhibit tumor growth.
    2020, Nsatinib was approved for listing in China, becoming the first Chinese-made class 1 drug to be used to treat ALC mutation late NSCLC.
    , it had previously been included in the CDE's priority review because of its clear therapeutic advantages.
    Phase 2 registered clinical study showed that the overall objective remission rate (ORR) of patients treated with kerthionine resistance was 52.6%, the medium progression-free lifetime (PFS) was 11.2 months, and the disease control rate was 87.8%.
    , the intracranial ORR and disease control rates were as high as 71.4% and 95.2%, respectively.
    nearly a month after it was approved for the market, Nsatini issued his first prescription in Guangzhou and officially began to benefit patients.
    Professor Zhang, Center for Cancer Prevention and Control, Sun Yat-sen University, has pointed out that the main advantages include: strong brain ability, control rate of the central nervous system lesions is very high;
    According to an earlier press release from Beda Pharmaceuticals, the company and its controlling subsidiary, Xcovery, are currently promoting NsclC's International Multi-Center Head-to-Head, NSCLC Phase 3 Clinical Research (eXalt3), which is expected to be the first new lung cancer-targeted drug to be marketed globally, led by a Chinese company.
    15 innovative drug research projects have entered the clinical phase in addition to Ektini and Nsatinib, Beda Pharmaceuticals in the research pipeline has more than 10 have entered the clinical trial stage.
    , Patomu mono-resistance and MIL60 are the fastest-growing and have entered the NDA phase in China.
    other products in the study are mainly anti-cancer candidates, targeting CDK4/6, BET, FGFR, MerTK/FLT3, ERK1/2, TRK, etc.
    addition to the diabetes drug BPI-3016, wet age-related macular degeneration (wAMD) candidate voronib (CM082) and so on.
    Bayda Pharmaceuticals Clinical Research Innovative Drug Project 1 (Photo Source: Beda Pharmaceuticals) 1, Patomu Monoantitor (Vectibix): Amgen's research and development of an all-human anti-skin growth factor monoantigen (IgG2), has been listed in more than 70 countries around the world, mainly for the treatment of RAS wild type of advanced colorectal cancer patients.
    Pharmaceuticals signed a joint venture with Amgen to introduce Patomu monoantigen to list in China, and the project's NDA is currently in progress.
    2, MIL60: Beda Pharmaceuticals and Tian Guangshi jointly developed the Beval Pearl single anti-biological similar drugs.
    In June 2020, the product's application for marketization was accepted by NMPA for the treatment of patients with advanced, metastatic or relapsed NSCLC and metastatic colorectal cancer, which is also the first large-molecule biological product for which Beda Pharmaceuticals has filed a biopharmaceiter license application (BLA).
    3, Voronib: A new generation of multi-target kinase inhibitors with a new chemical structure, with significant anti-angiogenesic effects on VEGFR, PDGFR, c-Kit, Flt-3, CSF1R and other multi-target points.
    Currently, Voronib is conducting a number of clinical studies, including a phase 2/3 clinical study with Ivemos for patients with advanced kidney cancer, a clinical trial with anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody Ripley monoantigen for melanoma, and a single drug for wet age-related macular degeneration.
    4, BPI-D0316: The third generation EGFR-TKI for the T790M mutation is expected to significantly improve the quality of life of patients and improve their total survival.
    BPI-D0316 has performed well in Phase 1 clinical trials in China and has started clinical Phase 2 studies.
    5, BPI-3016: An ultra-long-lasting GLP-1 similar to the natural glutacone-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) main chain.
    It retains the multi-effect effect of natural GLP-1 and overcomes its easily degradable characteristics, not only good biological activity, but also the role of reducing body weight and improving β cell function, while subsurfic injection absorption is good, half-life is long, supports the design of weekly medication is expected and safe, in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular risk prevention has a unique advantage.
    the product is currently advancing clinical research.
    6, BPI-16350: A cell cycle protein-dependent kinase CDK4/6 inhibitor with a new structure, can specifically bind with CDK4/6 to inhibit its kinase activity, inhibit cancer cell proliferation, metastasis and other related signaling, cell cycle block in G1 stage, thus playing a role in inhibiting tumor cell proliferation.
    , clinical trials of BPI-16350 for breast cancer adaptation treatment are progressing smoothly.
    Bayda Pharmaceuticals Clinical Research Innovation Drug Project 2 (Photo: Beda Pharmaceuticals Official Website) 7, BPI-23314: A powerful, highly selective bromide domain with a new structure and an oral small molecule inhibitor with an end-of-outer structure domain (BET).
    BPI-23314 can inhibit the function of BET family protein by specificity, regulate the transcriptional expression of cancer-related genes, and then affect cell growth, proliferation, apoptosis and other physiological processes, and finally achieve the goal of inhibiting tumor growth.
    clinical trials of BPI-23314 for advanced solid and hematomas are progressing smoothly.
    8, BPI-17509: A powerful, highly selective fibroblast growth factor acceptor (FGFR1/2/3) small molecule oral inhibitor with a new chemical structure, intended for use in various types of tumor therapy for FGFR gene variants such as solid tumors.
    BPI-17509 by specific inhibition of FGFR1/2/3 of the active block related signal conduction, and then affect the biological cell proliferation, apoptosis, migration, angiogenesis and other physiological processes, and ultimately achieve the goal of inhibiting tumor growth.
    , BPI-17509 clinical trials for solid tumors are progressing smoothly.
    9, MRX2843: A new powerful, oral bioavailable small molecule inhibitor, MerTK and FMS-like tyrosine kinase 3 (FLT3) dual inhibitors with a new chemical structure.
    MRX2843 affects tumor growth capacity or treats tumors through immunomodulation by inhibiting MerTK and FLT3 on tumor cells and inherent immune cells in tumor micro-environments.
    currently, MRX2843 clinical trials for advanced solid tumors are progressing smoothly.
    10, BPI-27336: A new molecular solid compound that targets ERK1/2 downstream of the RAS-MAPK path.
    BPI-27336 is expected to improve RAS-MAPK pathfage resistance and improve efficacy, and is expected to bring breakthroughs to KRAS mutant tumors.
    phase 1 clinical study of the BPI-27336 project has completed the first group of subjects and is now progressing smoothly.
    11, BPI-28592: A new molecular solid compound belonging to a new type of TRK inhibitor, which can effectively inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells with TRK fusion mutations.
    , clinical trials of BPI-28592 tablets are progressing smoothly.
    12, BPI-43487: A powerful, highly selective FGFR4 co-price non-reversible inhibitor intended for the treatment of FGF19 amplification of hepatocellular carcinoma, bile tube cell carcinoma and other solid tumors.
    , the application for clinical trials of BPI-43487 capsules has been approved and is progressing smoothly.
    public information shows that in recent years, Beida Pharmaceuticals has continued to increase investment in research and development of new drugs, investing 380 million yuan in 2017, 590 million yuan in 2018 and 680 million yuan in 2019, accounting for 43.4%.
    company's proposed listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is expected to receive more financial support in the capital markets.
    hope that Beda Pharmaceuticals' listing on the HONG Kong Stock Exchange will go smoothly and, with the help of capital, it will soon bring its research products to market, benefiting more patients.
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