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    Beifu experts reveal the design of the first gold uniform for the Chinese Winter Olympics

    • Last Update: 2022-03-09
    • Source: Internet
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    On the evening of February 5, the Chinese short track speed skating team won the first gold medal of the Chinese team at the Winter Olympics
    In addition to the individual performance of the athletes on the field, other factors can not be ignored on the performance of the game, and clothing is one of them

    Professor Liu Li from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology led the research and development team to break the state of dependence on imports of Chinese winter sports clothing, and achieved a world-class "Made in China"


    In 2019, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology as the lead unit approved the national key research and development plan "Science and Technology Winter Olympics" key special project "Key technologies for research and development of high-performance clothing for winter sports and training competitions" came into being
    As the person in charge, Professor Liu Li of Beifu and his team carried out three-dimensional measurements for more than 400 national athletes, tracked the movements of the athletes, studied the skin stretching laws of the athletes in detail, and then finely designed the structure of the competition suits to meet the athletes' needs to the greatest extent.
    Rules of action

    For example, the Chinese speed skating team player Gao Tingyu has compared 56 clothing structures from model to fabric manufacturing, and selected the most suitable structure for the technical and tactical characteristics of Chinese athletes.
    The wind tunnel test reduces the resistance.
    over 10%


    According to Professor Liu Li, there is a strong scientific and technological assistance behind the development of the competition suit
    In 2020, the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China will build two large and two small sports wind tunnels, and scientifically evaluate and correct the sports posture of each team in winter sports

    All fabrics and designs used in the Winter Olympics uniforms must be tested in advance in the wind tunnel.
    Clothing drag reduction can directly affect the competition performance, and a speed increase of 0.
    01 seconds may form a key breakthrough

    After 900 hours of blowing in the wind tunnel, 110 different >

    In addition, Professor Liu Li's team designed "fortress" comprehensive thermal equipment for snow sports, including outdoor heated cushions for female athletes, heated T-shirts and heated vests for maintaining physical fitness, and "quick dismantling heat" for the steel frame sled project that is easy to put on and take off.
    Pants" are all specially developed based on winter training

    In order to preserve strength and reduce "non-combat" attrition, Professor Liu Li's research project team equipped each alpine athlete with protective gear and back armor, used energy-absorbing slow-release materials to design a columnar array shock-resistant structure, and used 3D printing to achieve body shape customization.
    , taking into account drag reduction and protection

    At present, the performance of the fabrics developed by Professor Liu Li's project team has surpassed the overseas procurement technology, which is not only cut-resistant, but also soft and wearable

    (Lei Jia)

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