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    Beijing: Chaoyang District to inform the confirmed case of the relevant situation and disposal work

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
    • Source: Internet
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    On January 1, 2021, at a press conference held in Beijing on the prevention and control of the outbreak of neo-crown pneumonia, Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Chaoyang District Government of Beijing, briefed the confirmed case informers of the situation and the handling of the case.
    It was reported that beijing recently informed Shunyi District of an overseas import asymptomatic infection and a confirmed case of the workplace involved chaoyang district, Chaoyang District work briefing as follows: the first case related to the situation: December 27, Chaoyang District Disease Control Department According to reports, Shunyi District, a confirmed case of the secret catcher in the Fu code building work, 28 the secret person was diagnosed as an asymptomatic infection, Chaoyang District the first time to fully start emergency response, carry out related work: First, to carry out the flow of work.
    identified the overseas import asymptomatic infected person work place secretly to connect 209 people, the next secret to 92 people, have been implemented control measures.
    is to immediately organize nucleic acid testing.
    organization fu code building related personnel on the first day, seven days, 14 days after the case for three rounds of nucleic acid testing, has now completed the first round of testing, a total of 2907 samples, the results are negative.
    follow-up will be scheduled.
    carried out environmental testing on the Fu code building, collected a total of 1924 samples, 4 positive results, the rest negative.
    is to close the management of related areas.
    the building immediately after the environmental test positive results.
    fourth is to carry out a comprehensive environmental killing.
    the Fu code building B and public space for the final cull, an area of 60,000 square meters.
    The second case related to the situation: December 31, Chaoyang District Cuizhuang Township received Beijing Cyt Otles property report, a residence in Shunyi District employees tested positive for nucleic acid for the fourth time, and later confirmed as a new crown case.
    report, Chaoyang District fully activated the emergency response, to carry out related work: First, the rapid development of the flow traceability.
    screening of 6 people, 35 people, have been implemented control.
    tuesday is the closure of Beijing Seyt Otles.
    and conducted nucleic acid testing on 1,768 of its personnel, which is currently under way.
    the same time, the killing of Beijing Seyt Otles, an area of 30,000 square meters.
    is to carry out environmental sampling and other work.
    , the first batch of environmental samples collected 91 pieces, the test results are negative.
    is currently conducting further environmental sampling of the extended range of Otto Teresa.
    is to carry out full nucleic acid testing in the surrounding area.
    set up 10 nucleic acid testing points, on January 1 began to organize Cuizhuang Township Maquan Camp Village, Hezhuang Village, Mananli Community Village to carry out full testing.
    Expicent prevention and control is the first work at present, Chaoyang District will adhere to the bottom line thinking, closely follow the changes in the epidemic, keep a close eye on the "two sections" holiday, keep a close eye on the risk of hidden dangers, press the "quartet responsibility", weave the prevention and control network, do not compromise the implementation of various prevention and control measures to ensure that the outbreak does not rebound.
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