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    Beijing: During the "Two Festivals", there are sufficient supplies of daily necessities such as vegetables and pork

    • Last Update: 2021-07-23
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    Original title: Beijing: sufficient supply of daily necessities such as vegetables and pork during the "Two Festivals"

    People's Daily Online, Beijing, December 28 (Chi Mengrui) This afternoon, Beijing held the 194th new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work press conference

    According to Wang Hongcun, the second-level inspector of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, according to multi-channel market monitoring, the current supply of daily necessities such as cereals, oils, meat, eggs, vegetables and milk is sufficient, the market supply and order are good, and the prices are generally stable.
    The situation is good


    According to Wang Hongcun, the amount of vegetables on the market is sufficient

    After the resumption of the Xinfadi wholesale market, a variety of measures were taken to quickly resume fruit and vegetable trading.
    The supply of Beijing’s largest vegetable basket was stable.
    In the past week, the market volume of Xinfadi vegetables has stabilized at around 20,000 tons, which has basically returned to the pre-epidemic supply level.

    At present, the average daily vegetable supply in the city has stabilized at around 28,000 tons, and the price has remained within a reasonable range


    The supply of pork in the city is stable

    From a structural point of view, the pork supply in Beijing is dominated by the north

    With the gradual recovery of pig farming and the expansion of production capacity, the three provinces of Northeast China, Hebei and other provinces and cities have increased the supply of fresh pork (white strips) to Beijing

    According to statistics, in the past month (November 28 to December 27), the city’s average daily market volume of fresh pork was 910 tons, which was 90% of the same period last year, an increase of 14.
    4% compared with the month before the new outbreak, and was higher than the outbreak occurred.
    The following month (June 12 to July 11) increased by 34.

    On the whole, the pork supply in this city is increasing in volume and decreasing in price


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