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    Belt quantity procurement is in full swing, how can Chinese medicine be unique?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 5th, with the smooth progress of the national band procurement, local band procurement to follow a large number, from the beginning of oral preparations carefully "test water", to the injection of comprehensive promotion, the industry began to notice that has not yet participated in the collection of varieties - Chinese medicineCompared with the western medicine belt procurement, the local Chinese medicine belt quantity procurement seems to be more radical, a change "wait to see dependon" style, first start for the strongRecently, in Qinghai Province with volume procurement of the network documents, the large varieties of Chinese medicine in the columnUniquely, the first batch of municipal belt procurement pilot Jinhua also listed Chinese medicine into the second belt procurement catalogRegardless of whether the national band procurement follow-up, the pace of Chinese medicine band procurement has been approachingChinese medicine is bound to be included in the collectionwhy should Chinese medicine be added to the volume of procurement? The success of the country through the volume of procurement to significantly reduce the price of medicine has become a fact, since the high price of Western medicine can be reduced through the volume of procurement, why can't Chinese medicine? The state has made great determination to reduce the price of medicines, nor has it specified a distinction between Chinese medicine and Western medicineSome people may say: "The price of Western medicine is too high, there is a windfall, before you have to carry out the volume of procurement." And the original profit of Chinese medicine is small, there is no need to carry out the volume of procurement"Those who say this may forget that Western medicine in the bidding price reduction also shouted "the development cost of new drugs, artificially reduce the price of drugs will affect the enthusiasm of pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs", but also listed a large number of data, vowed to say: "then reduce the price will lose money." "The compromise policy that forces the state to impose separate pricing of new drugs, regardless of how the provinces bid, the price of medicines remains highHowever, facts speak louder than wordsThe national volume of procurement prices fell by a staggering amount, some enterprises for the first time hard not to reduce prices, the second price reduction of up to 90%, the price of local band procurement is too low to dare not make public, new drugs "fly into ordinary people's homes." Have Western medicine price reduction experience in the past, Chinese medicine also want to repeat the same mistake?Some might say: "The size of the Chinese medicine market is small, not worth the volume of procurement." "But from the national level, it is the general trend to develop Chinese medicine vigorouslyWhat's more, in the long run, the development of Chinese medicine is unlimited, especially the new crown epidemic so that the Chinese people have a new understanding of Chinese medicineThe market size of Traditional Chinese medicine is small compared with Western medicine, but the absolute amount is still considerableThere is a successful model of Western medicine in the front, the amount of Chinese medicine with the purchase can be "pictured with the tiger", not too much cost and energyBalance the short-term and long-term benefits
    in the face of the upcoming procurement of Chinese medicine belt quantity, How to deal with Chinese medicine manufacturers to look at their respective horizons and strategies Different horizons, strategies are naturally different, actions are very different, some enterprises see the revitalization of chinese medicine in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, some think is the insurmountable gap   For traditional brand Chinese medicine enterprises, the opportunities and challenges of volume procurement coexist On the plus side, under the traditional accumulation and brand deposition of many years, the enterprise has strong strength, shouldering the historical responsibility of revitalizing Chinese medicine, the goal is to use advanced production, management, management to become China and even the world's most advanced Chinese medicine manufacturing enterprises The grand mission makes it easier to understand and realize that the state's medical reform intentions and the opportunities for Chinese medicine in it, only in the path of the trend can be the tide Take advantage of the position of industry leader, in standard-setting, industrial policy to play an influence and advantage Of course, the downside may be that the market advantage is broken, so into the "price war" quagmire, with small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies to start a close-knit meat struggle   To this end, pharmaceutical companies must take a long-term view, avoid short-sightedness To have long-term goals and clear strategies, in order to long-term goals, sometimes dare to abandon short-term interests, to do a good job between long-term interests and real market balance, input and output balance The reality is to survive and develop in the long run Of course, in this process, pay attention to the combination of the present and the future After all, the medical reform of Chinese medicine is different from Western medicine, the former has a lot of macro-fuzzy statements, more difficult to be uniform, to fully realize the current state of existence of enterprises and future success or failure of each other, such as the listing of new Chinese medicine is different from Western medicine, there is a long approval process   Separated from competitors
    so, brand Chinese medicine enterprises how to do?   First of all, the enterprise's existing products into the volume of procurement in order to survive, and then make appropriate input Avoid the early investment is too big, the front line is too long to take care of the other side, especially the new medicine to let the common people know, accept the need for a considerable period of time   Second, the lower atmospheric force to enhance product strength and productivity Product force is brand products, the hands of a few well-known products, to patent or national protection for a separate quotation qualification, and competitors separated, but also can pull the sales of other products For traditional Chinese medicine, productivity is a unique process and formula, even exclusive products, national protection varieties   Third, Chinese medicine also needs the upstream control of the product, that is, the production and supervision of Chinese herbal medicine, which is not only the source of the competition, but also the quality assurance requirements   Fourth, fundamentally strengthen the introduction of new drugs or the promotion of new drugs, the development of forward-looking new product development plans   Fifth, look away overseas, take advantage of their own advantages, take the initiative to go out, lead the internationalization of Chinese medicine, strive for more national and international institutions to recognize the mechanism of Chinese medicine, open the distance with the general drug production enterprises, not only to make themselves out of the domestic due to the medical reform tender caused by the fierce "Red Sea" competition, to obtain more profits, more Chinese medicine to contribute their own strength   Take the opportunity to eliminate the old model
    for small and medium-sized Chinese medicine enterprises, the same opportunities and risks of volume procurement coexist It should be said that the volume of procurement for these enterprises to provide the opportunity to compete with large enterprises Due to historical reasons coupled with the characteristics of Chinese medicine production, Chinese medicine enterprises, regardless of the size of a few relatively unique products, all occupy a certain market   But it is also precisely because of the same reason, large and small enterprises are clear, small enterprises are difficult to shake the market monopoly of large enterprises In the past, small businesses by low-cost investment unable to enter the mainstream market, with volume procurement for them to change this backward marketing model brought opportunities Small and medium-sized enterprises should seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, decisively abandon the past backward agent model, not afraid to with large enterprises, to ultra-low prices for the successful purchase of the winning bid, with a desperate, all-out determination to enter the mainstream market   Of course, most of the Chinese medicine enterprises also belong to the third, old and weak, high production costs, product structure aging, has not been uplifting, and survived In the face of belt procurement, these enterprises are at a loss of confusion, lose competitiveness, to fundamentally solve the problem, we must improve competitiveness, the introduction of advanced strategies, to find a suitable path of development If there is no such ability and courage, it is necessary to avoid frontal battlefield combat, a strategic transfer, to the third terminal and grass-roots and other off-standard markets to share a piece In the past, the kind of low-cost investment, high-priced promotion, rebate point and other methods are still useful for the time being However, this is only a stopgap measure, and over time, the scope of volume procurement will become wider and deeper This kind of raw market will gradually fade
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