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    "Ben Moon" rice seed germination Sea rice yield record

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
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    from the scientific and technological power, to the scientific and technological power, the journey is long, only struggle.
    year, Chang'e-5 successfully returned samples from the moon. Actually, you know what? Among the "passengers" on the 5th was a batch of 40 grams of rice seeds, some of which had been to the moon. But don't look down on these seeds, they can create a first - China's rice space breeding for the first time to complete deep space mutation test, will produce 100% of China's original scientific research results., in addition to the rice seeds on the sky, the next to say this kind of rice is also of great concern. In 2020, one of the big news in the field of agricultural science and technology is that the scientific research team of Yuan Longping
    and the Agricultural Technology Extension Station of Jiangsu Province will jointly measure production 128.18. 9 mu four varieties of salt-alkali rice, that is, we say sea rice, on-site yield reached 802.9 kg per mu, which also created last year the country's five major salt-alkali areas "sea rice" demonstration planting base mu yield of the highest record.
    For sea rice, Yuan Longping
    also said that if the annual promotion of sea rice 100 million mu, the average yield of 300 kg per mu, can increase the annual production of 30 billion kilograms of grain, 30 billion kilograms of grain is a concept? This is equivalent to the total annual grain production in Hunan Province, which can feed nearly 80 million more people.
    a source of "card neck", technology to attack. We must go all out to innovate and create. To a greater extent, the use of converted farmland to feed more people, "sea rice" gives the answer.
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