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    Benefiting from China market opening Bolivia's beef exports surged 249.4% in the first 10 months

    • Last Update: 2020-12-15
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    From January to October 2020, Bolivia's beef exports grew 249.4% year-on-year, with China accounting for 82.7% of imports, making it the largest buyer of Bolivian beef, according to official figures published on the official website of the National Bureau of Statistics (INE).
    between January and October this year, Bolivia's beef exports totaled 123,000 tons, up 249.4 percent from the same period last year (3,533 tons), Bolivia's Rational Daily reported on December 6.
    Peru was the second largest buyer of Bolivian beef, with 10.4 per cent of imports, while Ecuador was the third largest buyer with 5.5 per cent, followed by the Republic of the Congo (1.2 per cent) and Viet Nam (0.2 per cent).
    average annual exports of Bolivian beef over the past five years have been only 3,379 tonnes, with 2019 the most positive year, with exports reaching 5,144 tonnes, mainly benefiting from the opening up of the Chinese market, according to
    Since 2017, the Bolivian government has been working to export beef to the Chinese market, which has a population of about 1.4 billion, and in April 2019, Bolivia's then foreign minister, Diego Pary, and China's Director General of Customs, Yu Yuefeng, signed the Protocol on Bolivian Beef Export Inspection, Quarantine and Veterinary Requirements for China, and authorized three Bolivian companies to export beef to China, marking the official opening of the Chinese market for Bolivian beef.
    Bolivia completed the first shipment of beef to China on August 28, 2019, with the first batch of beef exports of 24 tons, and since then, Bolivian beef exports to China have grown steadily, reaching 1,167 tons by the end of 2019.
    this year's figures, Bolivian beef exports to China averaged 1,021 tonnes a month from January to October, with October's exports performing most positively, at 2,202 tonnes.
    beef exports will total 13,000 tonnes this year, up from 15,000 tonnes in 2021, said Javier Landívar, general manager of the Fegasacruz livestock federation in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
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