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    Best in history, CNPC International made breakthroughs in overseas oil and gas exploration

    • Last Update: 2022-01-24
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      On January 8, local time, the first exploratory well Gulachao 1 in the Alam deepwater subsalt block in Brazil completed the drilling operation 17 days ahead of schedule
    Previously, this exploratory well was confirmed to have made major oil and gas discoveries in the deepwater risk exploration of the Alam block, becoming a highlight of PetroChina's overseas oil and gas business in 2021


      In 2021, CNPC International will focus on the main responsibility and main business, and will solidly carry out the "four major projects" of improving quality and efficiency, governance of loss-making enterprises, three-year corporate reform and talent-strengthening enterprises, and promoting the in-depth integration of party history learning and education with production and operation.
    Major breakthroughs have been made in exploration, the profitable output of 100 million tons has continued to be consolidated, the operating efficiency has been greatly improved, and the asset optimization has achieved remarkable results, achieving a good start in the "14th Five-Year Plan"


      Adhering to the resource strategy, the company has deepened geological research and strengthened the deployment of exploration plans.
    It has successively made two billion-ton and three-billion-ton major discoveries in overseas oil and gas exploration, becoming the best and most important discovery in the history of overseas oil and gas business development.
    A bumper year for both oil and gas


      Strengthen overall planning and coordination to overcome the unfavorable factors such as the continuous spread of the global epidemic and the production limit of "OPEC+".
    The oil and gas equity production equivalent was 100.
    98 million tons, maintaining the online production of 100 million tons of profit for the third consecutive year


      The key projects are progressing steadily, the Niger Phase II integration project has been fully launched, the Chad PSA project production capacity construction project has been fully put into operation, and the Kazakhstan Northwest Crude Oil Pipeline Reverse Transmission Project has been put into operation ahead of schedule
    The construction of the second phase of the eastern part of the Amu Darya project in Turkmenistan, and the fourth production line of the Yamal LNG project in Russia have been put into operation.


      In accordance with the positioning of "optimized development" and focusing on improving economic benefits, the company has accelerated the promotion of the "three optimizations" of asset structure, business structure and regional layout, comprehensively improved the efficiency of overseas assets, and achieved remarkable results
    During the year, the contracts of 5 high-quality projects including Kazakhstan No.
    62 and Indonesia Jiabu Block were extended, and the asset optimization achieved the best results in the past years


      Strengthening overseas scientific and technological research and strengthening the technical support for overseas projects, the company's three major national scientific and technological projects have successfully passed the acceptance, and a number of major landmark achievements have been achieved in complex rift basins and ultra-deep-water subsalt lacustrine carbonate rocks
    (Reporter Cui Mo)

      From: China Petroleum News


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