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    Bidding for the pure water system project of Sichuan Sankeshu Paint Co., Ltd.

    • Last Update: 2021-07-29
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    Chapter 1 Instructions for Bidders

    Item No.
    Name Content

    1 Project name Sichuan Sankeshu Paint Co.
    , Ltd.
    Water Purifier System Project Bidding

    2 Construction Location Yang'an Industrial Park, Qionglai City
    3 Supply Time Arrival in the factory on June 15, 2016
    4 Bidding Quantity Water Purifier System A set of
    5 copies of bid documents 1 commercial bid / 2 technical bids (valid with official seal), commercial bids and technical bids are separated;
    6 Deadline for bidding: 17:30 on May 5, 2016 (indicators arrive Time)
    7 Clarification, Q&A, and modification of the bidding documents.
    Any questions about the bidding documents should be sent to clj@skshu.
    before 17:30 on April 28.
    Our company will answer questions on April 29th.

    8 Place of submission of tender documents: Delivery of the paper tender documents: Attn: Yan Cuizhi (Finance Department) Tel: 0594-2881005 Address: No.
    518, Liyuan North Avenue, Putian City, Fujian Province Post Code: 351100, the bidder writes the company on the courier box Name, indicate the bidding project

    9 Technical indicators See appendix "Technical Requirements for Sichuan Sankeshu Pure Water Machine"

    10 Appendix Description Appendix "Technical Requirements for Sichuan Sankeshu Pure Water Machine" and "Pure Water Machine Quotation Format"

    11 Other requirements, see Technical Requirements
    12 Do you want to return the bidding documents? No □ Yes

    Chapter 2 Bid Letter and Appendix to Bid Letter


    (1) Tender letter

    (Name of Tenderee):

    (Project name) The bidding documents (including supplementary documents, if any) have been received.
    We have fully understood after detailed review and research.
    We waive the right to be ignorant and misunderstood about the bidding documents and now decide to participate in the bidding.

    We are willing to provide the required bidding materials and all related services in accordance with the requirements of the bidding documents.
    Please refer to the quotation table for detailed quotations.

    We promise not to modify or cancel the bid documents within the validity period of the bid.

    If we win the bid:

    (1) We promise to sign a contract with you within the time limit specified in the tender notice after receiving the tender notice.

    (2) The appendix of the bid letter submitted with this bid letter is an integral part of the contract document.

    We hereby declare that the contents of the submitted bidding documents and related materials are complete, true and accurate.

    (Other supplementary instructions).

    Bidder: (with unit seal)

    Legal representative or his agent: (signature)





    Postal code:

    year month day

    (2) Qualifications of bidders

    Qualifications for industry or regional scale rankings, listing of major customers

    The participating unit must be an independent legal entity.
    If the representative of the participating unit is not a legal representative, it must also hold a "Power of Attorney" (see the unified format for details)

    Participating units promise to fulfill the provisions of the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China"; abide by national laws and administrative regulations, and have a good reputation and honest professional ethics.
    High comprehensive credibility and excellent past performance

    (3) Power of Attorney

    I (name) is the legal representative of (name of bidder), and I now entrust (name) as our agent.
    According to the authorization, the agent signs, clarifies, explains, supplements, submits, withdraws, revises (project name) bid documents, signs contracts and handles related matters in our name, and the legal consequences shall be borne by us.


    The agent has no right to delegate.

    Attached: the identity certificate of the legal representative

    Bidder: (with unit seal)

    Signature of Legal Representative)

    identification number:

    Attorney: (Signature)

    identification number:

    year month day

    (4) Quotation

    See the attachment "Quote Format" for details.

    (5) Bid evaluation principles and methods

    (1) Principles of bid evaluation

    Open, fair, just, honest and trustworthy

    Scientific and reasonable

    Anti-unfair competition;

    Implement the requirements and principles of the tenderee for this tender work;

    The specific bid evaluation standards shall be implemented in accordance with Article 41 (1) of the "People's Republic of China Bidding and Bidding Law".

    (2) Contents of bid evaluation

    Comprehensive reputation;

    Eligibility of bidders;

    Qualifications of bidders;

    The bidder's experience and performance in similar designs;

    The bidder's service commitment;

    Whether the project or product design plan complies with national or industry norms and standards;

    The uniqueness of the core function or design of the bidder's product;

    R&D strength of bidders, etc.


    Delivery cycle

    Preferential measures

    Unit inspection opinions

    (3) Questioning

    If there is any question about the relevant content in the bidding document, the tenderee can send it to the mailbox in written form.

    All members of the bid evaluation team will participate in the question or reply

    Questions or responses should be recorded in writing, and the bid evaluation team members and bidders should sign on the record for confirmation.

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