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    Home > Food News > Food Articles > Billion-baked breakfast biscuits are being questioned in the UK, with so-called healthy biscuits likely to contain high levels of sugar.

    Billion-baked breakfast biscuits are being questioned in the UK, with so-called healthy biscuits likely to contain high levels of sugar.

    • Last Update: 2021-02-17
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    , an event group in the UK
    Action on Sugar
    , in an effort to encourage the food industry and government to reduce sugar content in processed foods, looked at
    breakfast biscuits sold in major UK supermarkets and found that many of them contained high levels of sugar, including Edgy's international roasted breakfast biscuits.

    , Edgy International said the study focused only on the sugar content of the product, but ignored the overall nutritional value of the product.

    Action on Sugar
    detected and recorded the sugar content of a single biscuit product, all of which were high in sugar, including
    Lidl Sondey Envitas
    breakfast biscuits, roasted breakfast biscuits, and
    breakfast fruit
    baked oats.

    results showed that about half (
    ) of biscuits contained more sugar than
    of Kellogg's Nutritious Vegetarian Breakfast for Children (
    Coco Pops
    servings) contained
    products contain more than one serving of sugar
    Toffee Crisp Cereal

    of products contain more than one serving of sugar

    Honey Monster Puffs Cereal

    Packaging is misleading

    Action on Sugar
    argues that information on breakfast cookie packaging can mislead consumers, such as the nutritional information of each cookie marked on the front of each product's packaging, but
    cookies are included in each bag, and most consumers assume that the nutritional information is marked with a bag of cookies.

    "If we really want to keep consumers healthy, we need to optimize the entire food industry to produce healthier breakfast products that are low in sugar, high in fiber, and give accurate information on product nutrition labels," said
    Kawther Hashem
    , a research fellow at Action on Sugar
    and a registered dietitian.

    Response: The report's results are limited

    In response to the findings, Edgy International said the report was very limited, focusing only on the levels of a single nutrient, and that the company had never claimed to be the healthiest breakfast cookie.

    spokesman said: "This report ignores health claims and the nutritional value of baked products as a whole. Baking has a wide range of properties, including whole grains, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. We offer a wide range of options, and each product provides an appropriate and controlled number of calories for breakfast.

    Coco Pops
    holder, Kyle points out that
    is equivalent to
    of the sugar reference intake, while its nutritional cereal compressed biscuit products are among the low-sugar products in the
    Action on Sugar

    sugar content in its products is an industry-wide issue, and retailers say they are discussing solutions with other partners in the industry. The UK government's childhood obesity strategy, announced this summer, is important to promote strategies to reduce sugar levels.

    Action on Sugar
    has launched an initiative with government authorities, including re-regulation of product formulations and clearer guidelines for labelling requirements, as part of a childhood obesity improvement program.

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