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    Biotechnology in the bioeconomy, economic growth and industrial opportunities in the next decade.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-05
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    Titus currently serves as assistant director of biotechnology at the U.S. Department of Defense, as a management consultant at McKinsey, and as a data scientist at Amazon and In-Q-Te.
    he called for enough attention and active investment in biotechnology, which he sees as a star of tomorrow that can be compared to artificial intelligence.
    I've spent my time using biotechnology for the benefit of the public for a long time, and I'm ecstatic about the future of this technology in the next few years.
    biotechnology is moving forward at an unprecedented rate, and engineering biology, commonly known as synthetic biology (SynBio), is sweeping the globe.
    Over the past 12 months, the bioeconomy, which is based on biology and biotechnology, has received significant attention from key parties and is expected to be an important part of economic growth and industrial opportunities over the next decade.
    it's hard to imagine that artificial intelligence has only been on the rise since 2012 - less than a decade before.
    but just as artificial intelligence affects the digital world, biotechnology will affect the real world, and in the next decade we will see biotechnology that can compete with or even surpass artificial intelligence for thousands of years, and we have used physical methods to solve problems.
    I had a very heavy stone that needed to be moved from point A to point B, so I pushed it, pulled it, or scrolled it.
    then, during the Industrial Revolution, we developed industrial synthetic chemistry.
    Over the past 100 to 150 years, we have combined physical and chemical technologies to accelerate the growth of people's economies and quality of life around the world.
    We are now in the midst of a new industrial revolution, putting the bioeconomy at the forefront of technological and economic growth, and combining biotechnology with chemical and physical technologies to revolutionize the world.
    the opportunities offered by biotechnology are not limited to health care and agriculture, but are now a global leader in emerging biotechnology, as the United States has a strong bio-economic base in health care and agriculture.
    these emerging applications in engineering biology are driving the next wave of growth in the bioeconomy over the next decade.
    in 2019 alone, we'll see scientists and engineers invent new treatments for incurable diseases and ways to allow plants to grow in soils with too high salt.
    in recent years, the private sector and government have also cooperated to advance the development of recycled manufacturing and biopharmaceuticals.
    our ability to use synthetic biology and other forms of engineering biology to change our paradigms of life sciences will increasingly drive these innovations in the bioeconomy.
    the national interests of the bioeconomy, which has become a central topic of academic, industrial and governmental discourse over the past 12 months, despite significant growth in biotechnology and the bioeconomy over the past decade.
    recognizing the strategic advantages represented by leadership in biotechnology, the United States launched the Project for the Promotion and Protection of the Bioeconomy Initiative in 2019, as well as the Department of Defense's focus on enterprise modernization (BIO).
    By the end of 2019, the House of Representatives passed the Engineering Biology Research and Development Act 2019 and submitted it to the Senate for consideration.
    The Department of Defense issued a notice of intent to establish a research institute for manufacturing innovation in synthetic biology, commonly known as SynBio MII.
    like ARMI and NIIMBL, two already in operation, SynBio MII will accelerate the development of u.S. biomanufacturing to support the bioeconomy.
    strong private sector and federal funding for research and development in this area will jointly drive the growth of the bioeconomy over the next decade.
    the ethical, legal and social impacts of biotechnology, which, despite the excitement of new technologies, rarely involve ethical and social issues.
    last year, despite international calls to suspend human genome editing, we saw the overuse of biotechnology as it was injected into countries such as Russia and the world.
    in addition, over the past year, the New York Times has widely reported on the misuse of genetic information and artificial intelligence in some countries.
    in the second decade of the 21st century, the Ministry of Defence warned its service members not to use home DNA kits.
    two lessons about biotechnology innovation, just as graphics processing units have revolutionized our ability to do artificial intelligence on a large scale, biomanufacturing will be an unprecedented step forward over the next decade, and we will be able to produce new products on a large scale in the global marketplace.
    we will increase our ability to manufacture and process a large number of new products during the ever-faster development cycle.
    there is no doubt that other countries see biotechnology as part of their future leadership in the world, which means that we will face strong challenges.
    Biotech 2020 and the Bioeconomy Decade, I think the United States needs policymakers to pass legislation to support the bioeconomy and stimulate business growth in the industry.
    means that the United States needs new policies in the economy, education and labor force development.
    industry leaders need to understand that their company's future depends on their ability to adapt to and leverage the bioeconomy of the future.
    The United States needs scientists and engineers to bring hard skills into this field and do the job of making biology a true engineering discipline.
    influential people, celebrities and those in the spotlight must express their support for the changing world.
    but most importantly, American consumers need to use their money to vote and show that biotechnology is not only an interesting technological advance, but also vital to our future and vitality.
    Source: Shen translation bureau, China's mechanical community.
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