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    Biovalley recommendation: Top 10 heavyweight studies that must be seen in May

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    < br / > in a flash, may is coming to an endWhat are the highlights of this month's research that we should learn more about? According to the type, heat and research field of this month's news, the editor has selected the top 10 of this month's heavyweight research, and we will learn together< br / > Image Source: NIAID < br / > < br / > [1] < br / > Science: covid-19 vaccine developed by Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltdcan protect monkeys from new coronavirus infection < br / > < br / > doi: 10.1126/ science.abc4050 The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is first protected by a vaccine in Ganges RIver,scientists reportedAmong the many COVID-19 vaccines being developed, The vaccine is an old-fashioned preparation made up of a chemically inactivated version of the virus that has no significant side effects on these monkeys, and human < br / > clinical trials < br / > began on April 16Researchers from Sinovac biotech, a privately held company, injected eight rhesus monkeys with two doses of the covid-19 vaccineThree weeks later, they will cause the sars-cov-2 virus of the 2019 coronavirus disease (covid-19) to be introduced into the monkeys' lungs through tubes, resulting in no monkey being fully infectedthe monkeys given the highest doses of the vaccine responded best: seven days after the monkeys were attacked with SARS-CoV-2, the virus could not be detected in their pharynx or lungsIn a paper published on April 19 on biorxiv, a preprint server, researchers at Beijing Science and technology development reported that some monkeys receiving low-dose vaccination had a "viral blip" but appeared to control the virus infection as wellIn contrast, four control monkeys developed high levels of viral RNA in several body parts and severe pneumoniaMeng Weining, senior director of overseas regulatory affairs of Beijing Kexing, said the results "give us great confidence" that the vaccine will play a role in humans< br / >! A new type of antibody molecule is expected to significantly inhibit cancer metastasis < br / > < br / > doi: 10.15252/emmm.201911164 < br / > < br / > receptors arranged on the surface of the cell layer inside the blood vessels may stimulate the formation of new blood vessels in < br / > tumors and accelerate cancer metastasisRecently, a research report published in the International Journal of miscellaneous EMBO molecular medicine, Scientists from German Cancer Research Center and other institutions have successfully blocked the function of the receptor by using a special antibody, which can effectively inhibit the metastatic growth of < br / > breast cancer < br / > or lung cancer miceAt the same time, in animal experiments, researchers have also found a new mechanism to slow down the metastasis and spread of cancer cells< br / >, The goal of researchers in cancer therapy research is to inhibit the angiogenesis in tumors, that is, the formation of new blood vessels, so as to deprive < br / > tumors < br / > of the nutrients obtained and slow down cancer metastasisThe drugs that inhibit angiogenesis have been used in clinical for more than ten years, but their effect is very limited< br / >! Aspirin may significantly reduce the risk of multiple gastrointestinal cancers! < br / >, Scientists from the University of Milan and other institutions have carried out the largest comprehensive analysis so far to reveal the association between aspirin and gastrointestinal cancerThe relevant research results show that aspirin can reduce the risk of gastrointestinal cancer by 22% - 38%< br / > < br / > sometimes aspirin can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, and small-scale analysis found that it can also reduce the risk of esophageal cancer and gastric cancerIn this study, the researchers analyzed the results of 113 observational studies published by 2019, 45 of which were about colorectal cancer, including 156000 troops; in addition to colorectal cancer, the types of cancer investigated also included head and neck cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, etcAccording to researcher Cristina Bosetti, we found that regular intake of aspirin, least 1-2 aspirin per week, could significantly reduce the risk of all the above cancers except head and neck cancerIn particular, aspirin intake was associated with a 27% reduction in the risk of colorectal cancer (45 studies) and a 33% reduction in the risk of esophageal cancer (13 studies), It was associated with a 39% reduction in the risk of cardiac cancer (10 studies), a 36% reduction in the risk of gastric cancer (14 studies), a 38% reduction in the risk of hepatobiliary cancer (5 studies), and a 22% reduction in the risk of pancreatic cancer (15 studies)In 10 studies, aspirin intake was not associated with a reduction in the risk of head and neck cancer< br / > < br / > [4] < br / > NeuroImage: amazing discovery! People aged 95 and over may show strong brain connection activity! < br / >Considering that the prevalence of dementia will increase with age, the centenarians close to and without dementia are often regarded as good research models for successful aging and resistance to age-related cognitive decline; therefore, researchers want to study whether there is a special relationship between the functional connections of the brain of the aged 95 and above, So as to maintain the later brain function< br / > < br / > in this study, the researchers used resting state functional MRI technology to analyze the brain functional characteristics of the near centenarians and centenarians in the extreme age rangeThis study expanded the previous research results, in addition, the researchers determined the brain structure of the above two populations through the researchProfessor Wei Wen, researcher, said, Previously, researchers did not analyze the functional characteristics of the brain of centenariansResting state functional MRI technology can provide researchers with the opportunity to study the brain function and neural activity of this special group of elderly people< br / >, Scientists from the University of Surrey and other institutions analyzed the relationship between selenium level and patients' cure or death rate by studying Chinese patients with covid-19Selenium is an essential trace element from diet (such as fish, grains, etc.) Researchers found that it can affect the severity of various viral diseases in animals and humans For example, the state of selenium in the body of HIV infected people is an important factor in the progression of disease to AIDS or even death China is the country with the lowest and highest selenium content in the world, Because the geographical differences of soil affect the degree of trace elements entering the food chain < br / > < br / > Professor Margaret Rayman, researcher, said that considering the history of virus infection related to selenium deficiency, we would like to know whether the incidence of covid-19 in China is related to selenium deficiency in the population of northeast and southwest China By analyzing the data of more than 200 provinces and 40 cities with more than 40 cases, the researchers found that people living in areas with high selenium level are more likely to recover from virus infection; for example, in Enshi City, Hubei Province with the highest selenium content in China, the cure rate of covid-19 patients is almost three times the average level of other cities in Hubei Province, compared with that of other cities in Hubei Province, In Heilongjiang Province of China, where selenium intake is the lowest, the mortality rate of patients with covid-19 is almost five times the average level of all other provinces except Hubei Province < br / > Image Source: Anglia Ruskin University < br / > < br / > [6] < br / > Acer: Research in 20 countries in Europe found that low vitamin D level in the body was directly related to high number of cases and mortality of covid-19 < br / > < br / > doi: 10.1007/s40520-020-01570-8 < br / > < br / > recently, a research report was published in the international journal aging clinical and experimental research, Scientists from Anglia Ruskin University and other institutions conducted a study on populations in 20 European countries and found that the lower average level of vitamin D was directly related to the higher number of cases and higher mortality of covid-19 < br / > < br / > in previous observational studies, researchers found that low levels of vitamin D were directly related to the susceptibility to acute respiratory infection Vitamin D can regulate the response of the body's white blood cells, thus inhibiting the release of excessive inflammatory cytokines, while sars-cov-2, which causes covid-19, was thought to induce excessive pro-inflammatory cytokines Nowadays, people in Spain and Italy experience high mortality rate of covid-19 According to the latest research, the average level of vitamin D in these two countries is lower than that in most European countries, partly because southern Europe (especially the elderly) will avoid strong sun exposure, and its pigmentation of skin will also reduce the synthesis of natural vitamin D < br / >! Identification of a potential new latent HIV library < br / > < br / > doi: 10.1371/ journal.ppat 1008450 < br / > < br / > scientists have known for a long time that even after receiving antiretroviral treatment, some HIV will always exist in the infected person, hidden in the smaller cell bank of the immune system (i.e HIV virus bank, HIV is integrated into the host immune cell genome and is no longer actively proliferating When patients stop treatment, the virus almost always bounces back from the HIV library, leading to the recurrence of fatal symptoms These HIV libraries are still the main obstacle to cure HIV / AIDS However, there is no simple way to target virus library cells for clearance Scientists are also unable to effectively extract virus library cells from patients for research, so as to finally find ways to control them The reason is that the HIV virus in these cells is latent As a result, the surface of these cells does not carry viral proteins that are easily detected by the host immune system As a result, scientists have been looking for other ways to accurately locate virus library cells < br / > < br / > in a new study, Dr Nadia roan and her team, a visiting scholar at the Institute of Virology and immunology in Gladstone, USA, described a group of cells that preferentially support latent HIV infection These cells express the surface protein CD127, which exists in lymph nodes and other tissues, and are believed to carry more HIV virus library than in blood Our results indicate that CD127 positive cells in tissues may be an important target to cure HIV infection, the researchers said In addition, scientists may use CD127 protein to isolate virus library cells from patients and study what makes them able to silence HIV,
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