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    Blueberries go better with ice cream!

    • Last Update: 2021-08-06
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    Blueberry pie with a scoop of ice cream is a delicacy in summer
    In addition to deliciousness, this combination can also help people absorb more "super fruit" nutrients, such as anthocyanins

    Researchers reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry of the American Chemical Society that α-casein, a protein found in milk, helps mice absorb more blueberry anthocyanins and their by-products, and promotes these benefits for you.
    The acquisition of nutrients


    In research, anthocyanins have been shown to have antioxidant properties, lower blood pressure and lower the risk of certain cancers
    However, during digestion, these nutrients are only absorbed in small amounts from blueberries, even though blueberries are rich in these nutrients

    Previous researchers have reported that eating foods containing citrus pectin, capsaicin, capsaicin and certain proteins can increase the absorption of anthocyanins

    For example, Li Bin and his colleagues discovered in a simulated digestion experiment that α-casein and β-casein in milk can protect blueberry anthocyanins

    Now, the team wants to see if α-casein can help increase the absorption of blueberry anthocyanins in the body


    The researchers fed the purified blueberry anthocyanin extract to the rats and added α-casein to the solution for a group of rats
    In the next 24 hours, the concentration of anthocyanins and metabolites in the α-casein group was 1.
    5 to 10.
    1 times higher than that in the control group

    When examining the molecular structure of α-casein, the researchers found that its amino acids allow it to interact with and coat anthocyanin molecules, improve their stability in the intestine, and allow better transport to In the blood

    The researchers explained that although the alpha-casein used in these experiments was extracted and purified from milk, the results may be different for whole milk because its fat and sugar affect absorption

    They stated that the next step is to conduct similar tests on humans



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