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    Bogutongjin Scientific Instruments Solves "Impossible Tasks"

    • Last Update: 2022-07-06
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      [ Focus on Chemical Machinery Equipment Network ] I believe that for most people, the feeling that scientific instruments bring to them is the existence of magical solutions that can solve some problems, and scientific instruments have indeed lived up to everyone’s expectations.
    We have solved many scientific research problems.

    Chemical machinery and equipment network hotspots pay attention to chemical machinery and equipment
      Recently, two reports have aroused the interest of the editor.
    One is about scientists solving the heart puzzle left by Da Vinci 500 years ago.
    According to reports, with the help of 25,000 cardiac magnetic resonance images, researchers have solved the mysterious structure of the heart, that is, the role of myocardial trabeculae, through artificial intelligence analysis, which has provided great help for the subsequent development of the medical field.


      The other is about weighing dinosaurs.
    It is not difficult to weigh living creatures with modern technology, but weighing creatures that no longer exist is not just a problem that can be solved by weighing instruments.
    According to the report, in the past century, countless scientists have used different methods to "measure" the weight of dinosaurs.
    There are two methods that are relatively highly recognized, one is the bone ratio method, and the other is One is the three-dimensional reconstruction method.
    However, with current technology, in most cases, the two methods are combined.


      Whether it is "heart puzzles" or "weighing dinosaurs", these are incredible things in the eyes of ordinary people, but the fact is that scientific researchers have solved these "impossible tasks" in their own way, and there is something in them.
    It is not only their wisdom, but also the various scientific instruments that support their ideas.


      Although we have always emphasized that the success of science is the crystallization of countless scientific research scholars’ time and experience, but the same scientific instruments also help us see invisible “colors”, touch untouched substances, and understand what we have never experienced.
    Past history.
    Naturally, we can't ignore the people behind the instrument because of the greatness of the instrument, but in the same way, we can't ignore their tools because of the people who value their efforts.
    What's more, scientific instruments are often one of the achievements of scientific research themselves.


      Nowadays, scientific instruments have penetrated into various fields.
    In some industries, they are important tools to increase productivity, and in some industries, they may be the *executors.
    For example, the field of archaeology has been mentioned many times in recent years.
    Objectively speaking, archaeology may be one of the areas where people are in close contact with historical traces.
    Whether it is to excavate cultural relics, protect cultural relics, or explore hidden information in cultural relics, you need the help of instruments: scanning microscope and X-ray.
    Technology can help us understand the internal structure of the relic; Raman spectroscopy can lead us to analyze the composition of the cultural relic.


      The instrument is like an erudite scholar who has mastered a lot of knowledge and knowledge, but it can’t speak on its own and needs us to "ask", but when we "ask" with our heart, he can expose the mystery.
    Show us.


      Original title: Bogutongjin Scientific Instruments Solves "Impossible Tasks"
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