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    Boost the "new Chinese medicine" revitalization of "new chinese drugs" Wuji white phoenix tablet product selling release to open

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    On June 6, 2020, Tianjin Sino-New Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "China New PharmaceuticalS") joined hands with the People's Health Platform to broadcast the launch of the new Chinese medicine and New Chinese Medicine and Wuji White Phoenix Tablet productsWell-known experts, industry big curry, authoritative media and business representatives gathered in the cloud, around the "new Chinese medicine, new drugs" to launch a feast, explore the "her era" under the independent, fashionable women's health topics, together to witness the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine in today's society and the role and practice of Chinese medicine in the strategy of healthy China! The revitalization and development of Traditional Chinese medicine, traditional medicine glowed with modern luster at present, the international community is still in the middle of the development of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, China is in the late stage of the epidemicChina's fight against the epidemic has achieved remarkable results because of our firm confidence, solidarity, scientific prevention and control, precisionLi Keqiang pointed out that in the prevention and control of the epidemic, we give priority to the protection of medical materials, and constantly optimize the diagnosis and treatment program, adhere to the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, to treat patients, to maximize the cure rate, reduce the rate of deathChinese medicine has been involved in the domestic anti-epidemic work, which has become a highlight of the "China program" to combat the epidemicChinese medicine protects the development of the Chinese nation, which has experienced many major epidemics over the past thousands of yearsHowever, the pandemic is out of the doctorMedical StZhang Zhongjing in the late East Han Dynasty in the great epidemic wrote "typhoid disease theory", the drug StSun Siwei is also in the course of the outbreak of leprosy summed up a lot of special prescriptions, control the development of the epidemic"A sudden outbreak, let us all fail to prevent, Chinese medicine in the epidemic prevention and control played a very important role"Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., LtdDeputy General Manager Zhai Zhenguo said at the press conferenceUnder the epidemic, the popular consumption habits gradually developed, consumer demand is constantly changing, in order to adapt to the resulting changes in the public consumption thinking, the online conference is actually in line with the development of the times, so that Chinese medicine and the times with the same frequency resonanceZhai Zhenguo Deputy General Manager further put forward, "Wuji white phoenix tablets are the product of traditional dosage form innovation, it represents the direction of the development of Chinese medicine innovation." The core of the development direction of Chinese medicine innovation is matched with the core of healthy China and the core of the health of the whole society, which is the core of demand"Helping" Her Times! Wuji white phoenix piece shines the people's health stage ten years grinding a sword, one test Wuji white phoenix tablets new, is the hope of returning As Tianjin intangible cultural heritage Ha's fourth generation of gynaecological heir Ha Xiaolian said, "Wuji white phoenix tablets after many years of research and clinical observation, and finally determined that this is indeed a boon to the vast number of women, but also to the Chinese medicine how to reform and how to better serve the masses made a model." "In the course of the live broadcast, The partners of Sino-Singapore Pharmaceuticals have sent their blessings and helped online Neptune Xingxing Pharmaceutical Co , Ltd marketing director Liu Chenglong said, "the pulse of the times in innovation, leading the times, caring for women, Wuji white phoenix tablets, is not only the traditional inheritance of Chinese medicine, but also the innovation, but also the promotion of China's pharmaceutical culture; "At the press conference, Guo Asia, vice president of the China Pharmaceutical Materials Association, secretary-general of the chain pharmacy chain of the China Pharmaceutical Materials Association, secretary-general of the industrial branch of the China Pharmaceutical Materials Association, executive director of the Business School of the China Pharmaceutical Materials Association, secretary-general of the China Medical Materials Association, founder of Soo Pharmaceuticals, chairman of Beijing Search Drug Information Consulting Co., Ltd., shared, "The new listing of Wuji Baifeng tablets, let us see the strength and bottom of the new chinese medicine, but also let us witness the achievements and contributions of new Chinese medicine." Looking to the future, we will join hands with the Chinese and new pharmaceutical industry to move forward, to Wuji white phoenix piece shing new start as an opportunity and a new starting point, towards a new goal, to protect the health of the people "This live broadcast on-line people's health platform, million red envelope rain throughout the whole process Wuji white phoenix products listed on the launch of much attention, live exposure of three million, netizens have said: Wuji white phoenix tablets listed, reflecting the heritage and innovation of national medicine, in the country and the people are good "New Chinese medicine, new chinese medicine" interpretation "heritage is not ancient, innovation is not far from the heritage" Chinese medicine is not only the ancient heritage, but also the continuation of the spirit of the artisan, for scientific innovation to bring inspiration Previously, the chief scientist of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tu Wei, faced a difficult research situation, re-examining the ancient Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine gave her the inspiration for innovation Artemisinin and artemisinin only one word difference, but into a butterfly change At present, Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., chief technical expert, life-long senior consultant Zhang Chengui adhere to the "dosage form improvement to improve the service of drug efficiency" as the concept, after eight years of painstaking research, to the ingenuity to cast the national medicine classic - Wuji white phoenix tablets Wuji white phoenix piece heritage 400 years of classic, selected 20 flavor of local herbs, after 135 processes, according to the ancient law, and modern pharmaceutical technology perfect combination, better play the advantages of dosage form, more convenient for the human body to absorb Professor Zhang shared, "Wuji white phoenix tablets from the Ming Dynasty, "Shou Shibao Yuan", the heritage of the classic Wuji white phoenix 20 flavor medicine all-round Wuji white phoenix tablets as an exclusive dosage form, access to national patents, through high-tech biochemical enzyme solution technology and large-hole resin adsorption technology, the realization of process innovation and dosage type iteration, only to create today's Wuji white phoenix tablets! Not only easy to carry and take, but also greatly reduce the amount of dosage, become a model of traditional Chinese medicine innovation! "The listing of Wuji white phoenix tablets, is the essence of Chinese medicine heritage, the vivid practice of keeping positive innovation, but also "new chinese medicine" on the "new Chinese medicine" of the ingenious note Wuji white phoenix tablets set up the "new Chinese medicine" innovation benchmark, "Chinese new medicine" for the national innovation reform of Chinese medicine to bring the dawn, jointly help the cause of Chinese medicine and industry high-quality development, promote Chinese medicine to the world The Chinese and new pharmaceutical industries emancipate their minds, broaden their thinking, seek new changes, practice their social responsibilities with practical actions, highlight the role of state-owned enterprises, give full play to the unique advantages and role of Chinese medicine in disease prevention and treatment, and contribute to the Chinese dream of building a healthy China and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
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