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    Both will release signals, inorganic paint or air vents

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    special year, people pay more attention to the dynamics of the two sessions than in previous years, on the 22nd morning, the government report finally came outThis report is the shortest in more than 40 years of reform and opening-up, in the limited text, it is easy to know that this year's focus is on people's livelihood, poverty alleviation, employment, energy, ecological environment and other issues, the word line highlights a "real" word, still put the benefit of the people on important political achievementsrequires relevant departments to strictly control, implement into practical action, the task of practical workBoth hands on economic development and ecological environmentFrom a few points in the report can be seen, environmentally friendly inorganic paint or will be directly mashed long dragon2020, the first of the three major battles came to an endPollution prevention and control continued to advance, the emission of major pollutants continued to decline, the overall improvement of the ecological environmentenergy consumption per unit of gross domestic product and emissions of major pollutants continue to decline, and strive to complete the "13th Five-Year Plan" target taskscontinue to fight the three major battles, blue sky, blue water, clean soil defense war continued to advance, to achieve pollution prevention and control of the stage of the fight, started new work to transform 39,000 old urban neighborhoods, support the installation of elevators, the development of dining, cleaning and other diverse community servicesto improve the effectiveness of ecological environment managementHighlight the law, science, precision to control pollutionWe will deepen the control of air pollution in key areasSpeed up the relocation and transformation of dangerous chemicals production enterprisesTo expand energy-saving and environmental protection industriesWe will implement important ecosystem protection and restoration projects to promote the construction of ecological civilizationin recent years, the state has been on the ecological environment and economic development, and constantly improve the problem of environmental pollution, pay attention to the people's physical and mental health Therefore, the continuous strict control of enterprises energy conservation and emission reduction, green production, and constantly tighten environmental protection policy standards, the elimination of high pollution and high consumption enterprises Because of the government's attention, "green mountains and green water is the golden mountain silver mountain" concept is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people Especially in the post-epidemic era, the country and the people are more concerned about the safety of life and health and the harmonious development of the ecological environment in such a context, environmentally friendly inorganic coatings have become the public's first choice As the representative of environment-friendly type, its popularity is inevitable, just to meet the country and the people's requirements for low energy, low consumption, green health the advantages of inorganic paint, the home improvement industry is unstoppable! 1 environmental health inorganic paint from nature, with environmental protection Products in particular using inorganic mineral recombination technology, natural inorganic mineral silicate as a raw material, water as the medium carefully developed Non-toxic tasteless voc release, will not produce harmful to human health formaldehyde, heavy metal substances, natural environmental protection Because the product selection comprehensive quality of environmental protection raw materials have natural environmental performance products must also be able to achieve true natural environmental protection 2 fire-resistant flame retardant has inorganic characteristics, after special oxidation modification treatment, at 1200 degrees C of high temperature fire will not burn, but also play a good flame retardant effect And it does not produce toxic and harmful gases 3 antibacterial anti-mold with alkaline characteristics (PH value of 10.5 or more) can kill bacteria and moss spores, its breathability performance makes the building dry and do not need to rely on anti-mold or preservatives to resist mold and moss breeding, itself is inorganic raw materials, does not provide nutrients and growth environment, anti-mold high grade 4 is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment
    excluding any organic chemical raw materials and solvents, product production, application and waste in the environment of zero damage 5 ultra-long life anti-ultraviolet light, will not peel off, with good breathability, wall water can naturally breathability to achieve a dry effect, inorganic characteristics of color is long-lasting, with super weather resistance With a service life of 30 years or more, it is still intact the wind is the sail, meet the difficulties and then set off The two national conferences of the special time node will unite the strength of the well-off society in an all-round way and contribute wisdom to the examination paper of economic and social development
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