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    BPA-free in-can paint emulsion helps Dow Chemical win the Edison Award

    • Last Update: 2021-07-22
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    Two innovative products of Dow Chemical won the 2017 Edison Award'Edison Award'

    The Edison Award is the highest authoritative invention award in the United States.
    The Edison Award selects more than 3,000 outstanding individuals in various business fields as review members to jointly inspect and evaluate products and services in various fields such as science and technology, materials, and energy.
    After more than a month of selection period, the winner of the'Edison Award' was finally drawn


    The ACCUTRACE S10 molecular fuel marker from Dow Chemical won the Edison Silver Award.
    The product's molecular tracking technology can be used to check fuel tax evasion

    Another product, CANVERA®, a polyolefin dispersion used in metal can coatings, won the Edison Bronze Award


    AN Sreeram, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Dow Chemical’s R&D Department, said, “Providing breakthrough innovative products for complex needs is the R&D goal pursued by Dow Chemical

    Edison, the greatest American inventor, his success is not only based on The breakthrough and innovation of social needs also comes from his deep understanding of business awareness

    Dow Chemical is committed to launching innovative products that meet user needs and continues to achieve commercial success.
    It is also the success of Dow continuously challenging the increasingly demanding social needs.
    I am very grateful to the society for the recognition of Dow's product innovation ability for this award! 

      Regarding the polyolefin dispersion CANVERA?, it is mainly used in the preparation of canned coatings for food packaging.
    Because it does not contain BPA and bisphenol A, it can replace traditional epoxy under higher-level food safety and environmental packaging regulations.
    Coating system

    CANVERA® adopts Dow Chemical's BLUEWAVE® dispersion technology in the production process, thereby realizing a 100% water-based polyolefin dispersion system, which can be directly applied to in-tank coatings, and its environmental protection and safety indicators can replace epoxy systems

    In terms of coating performance, CANVERA® can be used to prepare ultra-thin thermoplastic lining coatings in cans, which have a very good effect on the preservation of food and spices.
    The coating not only has excellent adhesion and anti-corrosion properties, but also has excellent coating properties.
    Flexibility can also satisfy packaging containers of different shapes


    And Edison Award namesake American inventor Thomas Edison, America's most famous inventor and entrepreneur, love
    lamp Dickson invention, the phonograph and so changed the human way of life, his life received a total of 1,093 US patents

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