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    Branch chain amino acids: from fat-reducing fitness to infant development, can not be separated from it?

    • Last Update: 2021-02-19
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    chain amino acids (
    Branched-chain amino acids referred to as BCAAs) are made up of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Branched chain amino acids are essential amino acids in the body, which we cannot synthesize ourselves and need to be ingested through a daily diet. Several studies have shown that branched chain amino acids have potential effects in weight control, muscle synthesis, prevention of liver disease and promotion of infant development.

    article outlines

    The metabolic principles of BCAAs

    The application of BCAAs in fat reduction, fitness and muscle growth

    How do fitness people supplement

    BCAAs are only useful for fitness people?

    at BCAAs: aternalstation of healthy babies!

    The metabolic principles of BCAAs

    Three nutrients| it is well known that the body's energy sources are sugar (i.e. carbohydrates), fats and proteins, but these three are sequential in providing us with energy, and the editor remembers an image metaphor:

    sugars are like wood, fat. Like hoarding of food, protein is like RMB, people want to heat the first is to burn wood, burn wood will burn food, to the last last minute, will burn RMB

    The breakdown of BCAAs | the breakdown of BCAAs is not carried out directly in our body's central metabolic organ, the liver, which is not broken down primarily to provide energy to the whole body. Most of the BCAAs are broken down in skeletal muscles and other cellular tissues.


    energy supply system, sugar, fat and protein can be converted into an intermediate (acetyl coenzyme
    A) into a functional cycle to provide energy. Fats and proteins participate in energy supply when sugars in the body are not enough to sustain demand.

    The application of BCAAs
    Fat Reduction
    Fitness - Muscle Gain

    Greas reduction| reduces fat content while maintaining muscle mass, which is called
    greas reduction".

    Little Cop

    Fat Reduction Myth: Many members in the gym are advised
    to "run more after resistance training and have an all-vegetarian or whole-fruit diet plan" to achieve weight loss. In carrying out this concept, we must pay attention to protein or amino acid intake, because long periods of exercise will increase energy output, often accelerate the breakdown of protein, thereby accelerating muscle loss, and muscle is one of the most important groups supporting us Oh! If you do this in the long run, you'll lose weight, but you'll lose not your fat but your muscles. So, while reducing fat, don't ignore protein/amino acids!

    Fitness | as a fitness group aimed at reducing fat, wanted to maintain as much muscle as possible, when scientists began to study how to slow down the breakdown of muscles, mainly proteins, during exercise. After a long period of research, they targeted
    BCAAs. In muscle protein, 35% of the essential amino acids are BCAAs, so if the intake of BCAAs (food or dietary supplements) by supplementing the exgencity can increase the level of BCAAs in the blood, thereby slowing the breakdown of muscle protein to maintain muscle mass while consuming fat. Experiments have shown that the intake of BCAAs, especially resine, improves muscle synthesis during rest, thereby slowing muscle loss.

    A | report in
    in 2001 noted that muscle synthesis began to improve 30 minutes after ingesting mixed amino acids, and remained above normal for the next 90 minutes. Fitness athletes use this feature to promote muscle synthesis by ingesting some BCAAs drinks during training. In another group of experiments, adding extra lilacine to protein supplements ingested after resistance training increased muscle synthesis. Bodybuilders use this principle to maximize muscle synthesis and recovery by ingesting BCAAs, especially resine, after strength training.

    Fitness Supplement

    Historical Data| In order to better guide the fitness people, the editor-in-chief compiled some past data, which is conducive to you to see some aspects of use.

    in resistance training, oral BCAAs in accordance with the standard
    77 mg per kg body weight increase the content of BCAAs in cells and arteries to avoid the breakdown of proteins.

    In two other groups of trials,
    12 grams of BCAAs were consumed daily for two weeks and 7.2 grams of amino acid mixture (36 percent of BCAAs content) for four days before and after daily exercise, and the results showed that creaciate biopsy could be improved to relieve muscle soreness.

    in fitness supplements, it is widely used to take 5 grams each before and after exercise at a ratio of
    2:1:1 (lysine: isoestine: proline). When scientists studied the upper limit of BCAAs, they used this ratio to experiment with mice. The experiment used BCAAs (2.1:1:1.2) per kilogram of body weight per day, no mouse deaths, and BCAAs (2.1:1:1.2) per kilogram of body weight for three months without any signs of poisoning for a year.

    a 2005 report that it was safe for a person weighing 70 kg to consume an additional 60 grams of BCAAs (850 mg/kg body weight) per day in addition to a normal diet.

    Scientific guidelines | can be seen from the above data that
    BCAAs are relatively safe exercise supplements. The range of 7 grams to 12 grams per day is safe based on a weight of 90 kg. So what are the sources of BCAAs for campaigners?

    Most people tend to prefer off-the-go
    BCAAs supplements, paying attention to the 2:1:1 ratio (lysine: isoestine: proline) when purchasing, while ensuring the source of the product and other components.

    Of course, if you want to get through a more natural way, that is, food, you can refer to the following small compilation for everyone to organize this incomplete summary, it is not difficult to see that the egg whites inside the
    BCAAs content is 0.23 g / gg protein, is the first of many foods Oh!

    Foods rich in


    BCAAs supplements or BCAAs-rich diets are already one of the favorites of fat-loss fitness enthusiasts, they are more applicable than this group. In recent years, the latest functional research on BCAAs has made a lot of encouraging progress, the small editor here to make a introduction, in a future article will be targeted to make a detailed description of the liver disease:

    liver disease: some studies show that
    BCAAs can improve cirrhosis, liver encephalopathy, non-alcoholic fatty liver and liver cancer patients protein synthesis levels, improve the nutritional status of patients. However, some studies have found that the effects of BCAAs are not obvious.

    Reduce fatigue: Elevated levels of serotonin (
    5-serotonin) in the brain are directly related to central fatigue, while BCAAs supplementation reduces serotonin production, thereby reducing the feeling of fatigue. At the same time, your motor status will not be affected.

    , trauma, sepsis: all three symptoms can lead to increased breakdown of the body's protein and decreased protein levels, so
    BCAAs intake may alleviate the symptoms in these patients.

    Diabetes: In the study of
    BCAAs and insulin regulation, there have been many observational studies suggesting that excessive BCAAs are associated with poor metabolic health, and clinical evidence has also revealed that increased levels of BCAAs in the blood are positively associated with insulin antagonism. The causal relationship between BCAAs and metabolic health or insulin antagonism needs to be further confirmed in view of the lack of evidence in the study of the system.

    BCAAs's new skill
    Festing healthy babies

    development| During pregnancy, the formation and development of early embryos are purely dependent on the mother's nutrition, so the mother's own nutritional status is directly related to the development of the fetus and the level of health as she grows up. And
    BCAAs is one of the most critical nutrients!

    In lactation| during breastfeeding, the demand for
    BCAAs increases significantly as it increases the synthesis of a variety of amino acids in the breast, such as glutamate, glutamine, tyrosine, winteramide and glycine, further increasing the amount of breast milk required for infants. There is growing evidence that BCAAs levels in the diet are positively related to protein levels in breast milk, which also reflects the importance of BCAAs for infant growth!

    you make up for it?

    Although there has been much clinical evidence in recent years to support the importance of
    BCAAs during pregnancy and lactation, optimal intake or supplementation levels are questionable. But there is no doubt that mothers-to-be and new mothers-to-be can't ignore that the food containing BCAAs mentioned above can be used as a reference.

    Photo Source| Literature

    Extreme View Point

    as an essential amino acid of the human body,
    BCAAs has a lot of clinical support in fat-reducing fitness.

    the trend of fat-reducing fitness, to do at the same time
    "fat reduction" and "preserving muscle", beware of the invisible loss of muscles.

    Recent experiments have shown that quality
    BCAAs exercise supplements are safe at 7-12 grams per day (based on 90 kg body weight), while BCAAs are also abundant in weekday diets, such as egg whites and chicken breasts. Therefore, for the average healthy population, paying attention to the intake of foods rich in high-quality protein can effectively obtain sufficient amount of BCAAs, without the need for supplements.

    important for non-fitness populations, including the prevention of liver disease, the reduction of fatigue, and the relief of symptoms of burns, trauma and sepsis.

    BCAAs have been found to be associated with metabolic insanity and insulin antagonism, although the rationale is not yet clear, but this phenomenon deserves clinical attention, especially for different groups of people BCAAs intake standards.

    BCAAs are also essential for infant development (pregnancy to lactation), and mothers-to-be and new moms need to be taken seriously.


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