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    Brief review of Shanghai aluminum on August 13

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
    • Source: Internet
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    The main 1810 contract of Shanghai aluminum opened at 14845 yuan / ton in the morning, and the short entry at the beginning of the session, Shanghai aluminum quickly got support around 14780 yuan / ton, and then the bulls gradually entered the market, pulling the price to a high of 14885 yuan / ton
    The short sold again at the high, and the market still received effective support
    at 14775 yuan / ton.
    In the afternoon, Shanghai aluminum basically fluctuated in a narrow range around the 14,800 yuan / ton line, and closed at the doji
    at the end of the day.
    Today's Shanghai aluminum daily line recorded a long white line, jumped above the 60-day moving average, reaching a high in nearly two months, closing at 18825 yuan / ton, up 345 yuan / ton, or 2.

    Shanghai aluminum

    Today's South China aluminum ingot quotation of 14550-14650 yuan, the average price is 14600 yuan, up 10 yuan, the delivery day is approaching, traders pick a large number of goods, the market supply and procurement interest is acceptable, the total transaction volume is large, the market activity is acceptable, the mainstream transaction price is concentrated between 14590-14610 yuan, compared with the average price of South China - 10~10 yuan

    Today's South Reserve East China aluminum ingot quotation is 14480-14520 yuan, the average price is 14500 yuan, up 20
    Yangtze River: 14490-14530, 14510 up 20
    Futures prices fluctuated downward, holders increased their shipments, the market circulation was abundant, the shippers did not ship smoothly and lowered the price, downstream on-demand procurement, the transaction was general, the transaction price was 14490 yuan ~ 14510 yuan, which was -10 ~ 10 yuan
    higher than the average price of South Reserve East China.

    Today's non-ferrous sector inflows of 836 million yuan, and Shanghai aluminum led the rise of non-ferrous metals today, with an inflow of 455 million yuan
    Last night's strike at Alcoa's factory in Western Australia became the driving force behind Shanghai's surge today, coupled with China's aluminum exports reaching a new high and upstream cost support, bringing a certain confidence
    to the bulls to enter the market.
    Today's sharp jump in Shanghai aluminum has got rid of the 14,500 yuan shock platform since mid-to-late June, and the center of gravity has moved up, and the target has moved
    It is expected to continue to fluctuate around 14850 yuan / ton in the evening, pay attention to the follow-up to the strike and the performance of today's sharp increase in positions

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