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    Brief review of Shanghai aluminum on August 30

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
    • Source: Internet
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    Today's Shanghai aluminum main 1810 contract opened at 15,000 yuan / ton, the opening price hesitated slightly and turned down, all the way down to 14,920 yuan / ton, affected by the 5-day line support, Shanghai aluminum along the daily average climbed 14,985 yuan / ton
    Subsequently, the bulls lacked confidence, reduced their positions and left the market, and Shanghai aluminum fell again after being frustrated, touching the intraday low price of 14890 yuan / ton
    In the afternoon, boosted by the fall of the US dollar index, Shanghai aluminum began to rise at a low level, climbing 14970 yuan / ton and then sorting out the price at the end of the day, closing at 14950 yuan / ton, down 15 yuan / ton, down 0.

    Shanghai aluminum

    Today's South China aluminum ingot quotation of 14880-14980 yuan, the average price is 14930 yuan, down 30 yuan, the circulation is abundant, the downstream is difficult to boost, mainly circulating between traders, the market is more out of the less, the overall transaction is general
    The mainstream transaction price is concentrated between 14920-14950 yuan, which is a premium of -10~20 yuan
    compared with the average price of South China Reserve.

    Today's South Reserve East China aluminum ingot quotation is 14790-14830 yuan, the average price is 14810 yuan, down 20
    Yangtze River: 14800-14840, 14820 up 10
    Traders are stable in shipments and active transactions, and downstream still need to purchase, and the transaction is
    The transaction price is 14810 yuan ~ 14830 yuan, which is 0 ~ 20 yuan
    higher than the average price of South Reserve East China.

    Today's non-ferrous overall green fat red thin, Shanghai aluminum compared with yesterday basically stable, continue to pay attention to the dollar index and external guidance
    in the evening.

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