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    Briefly explain the common faults and solutions of in-situ freeze dryers

    • Last Update: 2022-06-06
    • Source: Internet
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    In situ lyophilizers are used in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, biological research, chemical industry and food

    The freeze-dried articles are easy to store for a long time, and can be restored to the state before freeze-drying and maintain the original biochemical properties after adding water

    The tedious operation of the drying process in the past is changed, the pollution of materials is prevented, and the automation of drying and sublimation is realized

    This model has a programmable function, can memorize the freeze-drying curve, and has its own U-disk extraction function, which is convenient for users to observe the freeze-drying process of materials

       Common faults and solutions of the vacuum system of the in-situ freeze dryer: 1: The performance of the vacuum pump is degraded, and the vacuum pump oil is polluted

    If the freeze dryer finds that the oil level drops and the oil is emulsified, increase the oil amount or replace the vacuum pump oil immediately, and find out the cause of the pollution.
    If the vacuum pump sucks a small amount of water, open the gas ballast valve for 0.
    5-1h and observe the vacuum pump oil.
    Whether the appearance is improved, whether the vacuum degree continues to decline, and if the oil element of the vacuum pump is replaced many times, the vacuum pump needs to be overhauled

       2: The airtightness of the system decreases, and leakage occurs

    Find the leaking point, and after finding the leaking point, repair the leak, replace the sealing ring or replace the valve

       The vacuum system is mainly composed of vacuum pump, front box, rear box, valve on the box, mushroom valve, small butterfly valve, vacuum silicon tube and other parts

       Daily maintenance of the vacuum system of the in-situ freeze dryer: 1) Regularly replace the vacuum pump oil to ensure the performance of the vacuum pump

       2) Before starting the vacuum pump, check whether the oil level of the freeze dryer is normal (it should be about 1/2 of the sight glass)

       3) The vacuum pump must ensure that the back box is dry to avoid pumping water vapor into the pump body, which will affect the pumping efficiency of the vacuum pump.


       The above is today's sharing of the common failure phenomena and solutions of freeze dryers under a simple explanation.
    I hope it will be helpful for everyone to use this equipment in the future

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