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    British media say outbreak or deplete UK drug stocks

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 9 ( The British media ) quoted an internal memo from the country's pharmaceutical industry reported that the new crown outbreak may "drain" the country's drug stocksBusinesses fear that disruption to the drug supply chain will seriously affect the NHS's service to the countryIn a memo to the British government,
    the pharmaceuticalsaid the government should buy and stockpile "critical" drugs to deal with the new coronavirus, the BBC reportedDemand for some pharmaceutical products, such as inhalants, that the UK does not have a large stockpile of pharmaceutical products has soared since the outbreakAt the same time, restrictive measures such as factory closures and export bans have severely hampered the UK's efforts to maintainsupplies ofdrugsThe drug companies also expressed concern in the memo that the UK government would struggle to effectively rebuild its drug stocks if it failed to strike a post-Brexit trade deal with the European UnionThe memo, drafted in May, warned that by the end of the new crown outbreak, "there will be fewer or even zero products on the market" and that as it was the case last year, large reserves ofpharmaceuticalproducts would no longer be possibleIn 2019, in response to a possible "hard Brexit", the UK pharmaceutical industry will stock up on a large number of pharmaceutical products it has been able to use for six weeksThe memo recommends that the UK government have a dual plan to buy and stockpile more "critical" drugs because their supply faces the challenges of "epidemic sand and the end of the Brexit transition period."British drug companies have long feared that a "Brexit" without a deal would "obstruct" the drug corridor between France and Canada to the UK's Port of DoverNinety per cent of UK imports from the EU enter the country   A British government spokesman responded to concerns in the pharmaceutical industry by saying the government was preparing a credible contingency plan   The UK formally "Brexit" on January 31st will require a future partnership with the EU within an 11-month Brexit transition period, covering areas such as the economy and security In particular, the two sides need to reach a trade agreement If britain and Europe fail to reach a trade deal during the transition period, and the transition period is not extended, the two sides will return to the Framework of the World Trade Organization to trade That would see a significant increase in trade barriers between the UK and the EU   Anti-racism protests in the capital, London and several major cities, "will undoubtedly" increase the risk of the spread of the new crown virus, Health Secretary Matthew Hancock said Wednesday (Bu Xiaoming) (Xinhua News Agency)
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