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    BTK Development Map: Subdivision Indications Track Progress

    • Last Update: 2020-07-09
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    TextsThe wind hillBruton tyrosine kinase (Bruton's tyrosine kinase, BTK) is an important signal molecule of B-cell receptor pathway, expressed in various stages of B-cell development, participated in regulating the proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis of B cells, played an important role in the survival and diffusion of malignant B cells, and is currently a hot research topic for B-cell tumors and B-cell immunologythere are currently four BTK inhibitors listed worldwide: Ibtini, Akatini, Tirabrutinib and the newly listed Zebutini, with a market size of more than $8 billion, but the market share is now almost dominated by Ibtiniibtinib, listed in 2013, is the world's first BTK inhibitor and has been approved for six indications: chronic lymphocytic leukemia, small lymphocyte lymphoma, cell lymphoma, Fahrenheit polycyanlobinemia, graft-resistant host disease and limbolioma, and 10 more are under developmentGlobal sales exceeded $8 billion in 2019AbbVie, which owns ibtini's U.Smarket business rights, has already generated $13.423 billion in sales from Ibtini after spending $21 billion on the rights in 2015 and is expected to recover its original acquisition costs by the end of 2021Akatini was approved by the FDA in October 2017 and has been approved for three indications: cell lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and small lymphocyte lymphomaAkarabutinib is a second-generation BTK inhibitor that has better selectivity and safety than a generation of ibtinib, which improves ibtinib's off-target effectAstraZeneca also acquired a commercial rights to Acatini through a big acquisition, with sales of $164 million in 2019Zebutinib was approved by the FDA on November 14, 2019 for the treatment of recurrent/refractive (R/R) cell lymphoma, and on June 3, in China, recurrent/incurable (R)cell lymphoma (MCL) and R/R chronic lymphatic leukemia (CLL) or small lymphocyte lymphoma (SLL) indicationsIn the first quarter of 2020, Zebtini's U.Ssales were $720,000Tirabrutinib was approved for listing in Japan on March 25 and was jointly developed by Ono Pharmaceuticals and Gilead to treat recurrent or refractive primary and nervous system lymphoma, with a number of indications under developmentAccording to the Pharmaking Cube Global Database of New Drugs, there are currently 76 drugs in research for BTK targets worldwideIn addition to the four listed, another one (Obutini of Novo Kinhua) is in the application phase and three are in Clinical Phase III The indications developed and the enterprise correspondence involved in BTK inhibitors are as follows:
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