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    Building safe medicine city and harmonious camphor tree

    • Last Update: 2014-01-06
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    In recent years, under the situation of deepening reform and development in China, the economy of Zhangshu, the capital of medicine, has been growing rapidly

    With the rising of Jiangxi in the central part of China, Zhangshu Municipal Committee of politics and law, under the cordial care of Zhangshu Municipal Committee and municipal government, takes the scientific concept of development as the command, takes the construction of harmonious Zhangshu as the purpose, changes the concept, improves the work efficiency, focuses on the construction of "three networks" system, and improves the level of social management

    Seeking breakthroughs in maintaining social stability, cultivating highlights in solving problems, creating features in active exploration, strengthening guarantee in infrastructure construction, and pushing the city's comprehensive governance to a new level

    Since 2005, Zhangshu City has been rated as Ping'an County and city in the whole province for 8 consecutive years, and its petition work has been awarded the title of "three no" county and city in the whole province for 3 consecutive years

    In 2012, it won the first place in Yichun City in terms of comprehensive management of social management, and won the title of advanced county and city in terms of comprehensive management of social management in the whole province from 2008 to 2012

    In the third quarter of this year, the sense of public security ranked seventh in the whole province, and the sense of public security index reached 98% Above, it has created a harmonious and stable social environment and promoted the rapid development of the city's economic construction

    Care for the empty nest elderly, strengthen the basic level, consolidate the comprehensive treatment network foundation, which is not solid and shaking

    The city attaches great importance to the construction of comprehensive management network, and puts it into the important barrier of safety construction, especially the management of community, township (street) information personnel, and creates the coordination activities of village folk mediation organizations

    In order to carry out this activity effectively, they closely around the work center of the whole city, through careful organization and arrangement, made a real move in building the "three networks" system to improve the level of social management: first, they paid attention to "three links" and "four key points"

    In the construction of the three networks system, they always pay attention to the three links of "construction, management and use", that is, to build, manage and use the three networks work system well; they always adhere to the four key points of "finding out the situation, finding problems, following up services and improving management", and strengthen the construction of the three networks work system

    According to the principle of "territorial management, appropriate scale, street and lane demarcation, seamless coverage, convenient service and dynamic adjustment", five streets are divided into 313 grids with "200-300 households and 1000 people" as a grid; 14 towns are divided into 2415 grids with a village group as a grid

    At the same time, 2728 network administrators are equipped in the way of "using the active stock to supplement the increment"

    According to the requirements of "up and down docking, interconnection, Hierarchical Authorization and information sharing", a social management information platform has been established, which is connected horizontally to the administrative mediation functional department and vertically to the city, township and village, and six systems of use management have been formulated

    So far, the city has recorded 594598 real population information, 132349 real housing information, 1286 new organization information, 11778 left behind children information and 3406 empty nest elderly information

    19 Township social management service centers and 288 village social management service stations have been built, with a completion rate of 100%; secondly, information source collection has been carried out and a large number of first-hand information has been mastered

    A general survey was carried out on the city's real population, real houses, floating population, left behind children, empty nest elderly, two new organizations, etc.; thirdly, grid patrol was carried out to ensure people's safety and grid service to ensure people's livelihood

    Establish regular support relationship between grid administrator, floating population and special population

    Up to now, the city's network administrators have handled 80000 affairs on behalf of the masses, visiting more than 3000 people in need; fourth, strengthen the service function and improve the service quality

    Actively promote online booking, holiday booking, door-to-door handling and other service features to avoid the shortcomings of manual handling, manual transmission and excessive links under the traditional working mode, reduce the handling links, shorten the handling time, and enable the masses to enjoy convenient, efficient and high-quality services

    All social management service centers (stations) in the city received more than 84000 people for handling affairs, handled all kinds of matters and certificates more than 92000 times, saved more than 83000 yuan of round-trip fare for the masses, received more than 300 petitioners, and investigated 496 kinds of social disputes

    It's about you, me and others, and it's affecting people's minds to strengthen publicity and coordination to build a harmonious and safe drug capital

    The old way is not effective, but the brute way is not

    The new way for Zhangshu Municipal Committee of political and legal affairs to solve this problem is to activate resources through comprehensive management, integrate strength through service and stimulate vitality through participation

    The city gives full play to the advantages of the comprehensive management of social management office, the improvement of resources, and the improvement of efficiency

    In accordance with the working idea of combining prevention and treatment, it continuously strengthens the regular work, adheres to the principle of rapid intervention, careful understanding and decisive mediation of contradictions and disputes, without delay, delay and spread

    In this regard, they focused on three points: first, to do a good job in the investigation and mediation work

    Zhangshu Municipal Committee of political and legal affairs organized the comprehensive management office to hold weekly meetings for villages and towns to investigate all kinds of contradictions and disputes

    For the problems identified, it is required to implement the mediation one by one, eliminate the contradictions and disputes in the bud as early as possible, and truly grasp the small ones as early as possible

    Now, in June, the land acquisition and grave removal of Geshan Town, the house site dispute between Qianchen village and Houchen Village of Shenling village committee of Jinglou Town, the environmental pollution of Fenglin Village pig farm in Dianxia Town, and the dispute between Guanshang village and xianie village group and fengchengli village about the ownership of mountain forest are outstanding contradictions and disputes

    After receiving the news, the political and Legal Committee of the municipal Party Committee immediately asked the leaders in charge to lead the cadres to coordinate, actively talk with them about feelings and laws, and finally successfully mediate a promising incident

    Second, we should do a good job in legal publicity, carry out in-depth activities of sending law to villages and schools, and focus on the legal education of idle young people and students in schools throughout the city

    We will focus on the publicity of law popularization in rural marginal corridors and villages with concentrated surnames, so as to promote the legal system into the hearts of the people

    In March this year's legal publicity month, the city mobilized judicial, women's Federation, land and traffic police and other departments to carry out legal publicity

    Let everyone learn, know, understand and abide by the law, and let the knowledge of law be known to all

    In combination with the "three visits" activities of the political and legal departments and the help work of hanging points, the activity of "four guarantees one" was carried out, that is, a political and legal police officer, a special commissioner for comprehensive management, a township (street) cadre and a village (community) cadre were responsible for door-to-door visits, and 65000 small stickers of "safety tips" were issued, and the police, dispute mediation and individual were called for help The telephone for law enforcement supervision of appeals, political and law enforcement units shall be posted on the fixed telephone microphone

    198000 copies of an open letter to the people of the whole city were distributed, and the public security consultation form was collected and filled out, which was handed over and transferred to the relevant departments and units in time, so as to make sure that there were responses to everything and responses to everything

    Third, carry out marginal friendship and joint defense, make regular visits, communicate with each other at any time, take the initiative to establish a public security joint defense system with surrounding township police stations, exchange information, establish joint defense agreements, close marginal relations, and build a marginal security pattern

    In order to combat and purify the public security environment, Zhangshu municipal Party committee, political and legal committee continuously increased the efforts to investigate and rectify the whole city

    For the identified public security points and public security problems, according to the principle of rectifying where the public security is chaotic and solving which public security problems are prominent, they solved a number of "difficult and hot" problems of public security and purified the social public security environment

    Once there are traffic accidents, medical disputes and other casualty cases, the villagers are keen to fight first

    In order to stop this evil trend, the political and Legal Committee of the municipal Party committee has made up its mind to crack down on it

    It has always adhered to the policy of cracking down on it, kept the high-pressure situation of cracking down on criminal criminals at all times, carried out seasonal crimes "timely fighting", emerging crimes "overt fighting", gang crimes "follow-up fighting", and major and extra serious cases "joint fighting"

    This year, it has carried out a concentrated "gun killing" campaign ”, eliminate pornography and ban gambling, and take special measures to improve traffic order

    A total of 212 criminal cases have been solved, including 183 criminal suspects, 66 of whom are fugitives on the Internet, and 6 criminal gangs have been destroyed; a total of 80 cases of 115 people have been arrested and prosecuted, and 69 cases of 98 people have been tried

    11 guns of various types, 517 bullets, 30 narcotics, 15 kg of methamphetamine, 30 gambling dens destroyed, gambling money collected and a fine of 500000 yuan were seized

    227 sets of signboards were installed, 7620.8 meters of various signboards were planned, 1000 new parking spaces were added, 13 cases of drunk driving, more than 14600 vehicles were parked randomly, 630 cases of traffic violations involving license and license were investigated and dealt with, 5227 vehicles with hidden dangers of freight were found out, 1255 vehicles were cancelled without annual inspection, 12 illegal car refitting enterprises were shut down, 3 cases of evasion and concealment accidents were solved, and the detection rate was 100%

    This year, the case occurred The rate is 13% lower than the same period last year

    Zhangshu Municipal Committee of political and legal affairs, while strengthening the rectification efforts to promote harmonious and stable work, also ensured that the stability control work of social high-risk personnel and other groups was effectively controlled in important holidays and sensitive periods, did not form a large-scale gathering petition, and never visited Beijing to the province

    Through severe beating and warning education, people understand that the troublemakers not only fail to achieve their own goals, but also may be severely punished by the law

    Through these examples, people are educated and a good social security environment is created

    Strengthen the team and be a public servant to the satisfaction of the people In recent years, Zhangshu Municipal Committee of political science and law attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents

    In the process of cultivating talents, it always adheres to the human-oriented strategy of "keeping talents with dedication, being grateful and attentive, and keeping souls with career"

    In the whole city, it is necessary to recruit talents, establish a "pool" for excellent talents, and pay close attention to three aspects in strengthening the team construction; In accordance with the unified deployment of the municipal Party committee, all departments of the political and Law Commission actively organized and carried out "emancipating the mind, really grasping fast work, overcoming difficulties and leaping development" discussion activities

    The political and Law Commission organized personnel from all departments and other units to form 10 research groups to carry out research activities in Enterprises above the scale of the city, so as to meet the needs of the enterprises

    Combined with the reality, the "three disputes" discussion was carried out to break the shackles affecting development, and four kinds of consciousness were set up: human rights protection, serving the overall situation, paying equal attention to both entity and procedure, and unifying legal effect and social effect

    The municipal procuratorate has also carried out "rural prosecutors" and the Municipal Public Security Bureau has also carried out "four stresses" education and practice activities of "loyalty, rules, integrity and discipline"

    The municipal procuratorate won the honorary title of "provincial civilized unit", and cultivated Zhang Yanyun, one of the top ten prosecutors in the province, and Liu Xiaoyong, the pioneer of the provincial police

    In the first half of the year, the satisfaction of the Municipal People's court ranked 72nd in the province, and the satisfaction of the Municipal Judicial Bureau ranked 10th in the province

    In order to improve the execution and operation ability, the political and legal departments continue to strengthen the education and training and skills training

    Zhangshu Municipal Committee of political and legal affairs organized the court and Jiangxi University of Finance and economics to build a law base, and a number of police officers are receiving academic education

    The municipal procuratorate implemented the "excellence training project" and implemented the AB corner

    More than 200 police from the municipal public security bureau attended the court hearing In the first half of the year, the Municipal Judicial Bureau increased the training of people's mediation ability

    In the first half of the year, there were 19 cadres promoted and reused in the political and law departments, including 11 at the department level and 8 at the deputy department level

    In addition, in order to realize the seamless docking of the new criminal procedure law, the political and legal departments have increased education and training and skills training,
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