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    Buy expensive difference three times back! Why are drugstores so cruel to themselves?

    • Last Update: 2019-12-25
    • Source: Internet
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    [industry news of pharmaceutical network] recently, Yifeng pharmacy official micro released a notice promising that if consumers purchase drugs of the same factory and specifications lower than the retail price or membership price of the store within 2 kilometers from other market institutions other than Yifeng

    Once verified, Yifeng will return three times the difference between the price of the drug and the price of the small sales unit

    For peers, the action of Yifeng pharmacy is undoubtedly full of gunpowder

    But in fact, in order to implement the "4 + 7" price, many large chain drugstores have started to "reduce the price"

    For example, on December 13, Xi'an Yikang announced that more than 1300 stores in Shaanxi Province uniformly implemented the bidding price of centralized drug procurement organized by the state, and 14 varieties were the same price as the same products of the hospital

    At the same time, he also said that he would continue to make efforts to negotiate with more enterprises related to the selected varieties

    In addition, previously, shuyuminmin pharmacy issued a notice saying: resolutely implement the policy of the National Health Insurance Bureau, 22 centralized procurement products that chain drugstores can operate, and from December 2019, more than 1600 stores in shuyuminmin pharmacy will uniformly implement the bid winning price of centralized procurement of drugs organized by the state

    Recently, the official micro pharmacy of the common people also issued a notice: the price reduction of some drugs reached 90%, an average decrease of 59%

    Including: 0.33 yuan / tablet of antihypertensive drugs, 2.55 yuan / tablet of imported drugs

    In fact, behind the price reduction of a large number of chain drugstores, it is a new round of battle for customers by the drug retail industry to follow up the volume purchase price

    Since the pilot implementation of 4 + 7 volume purchase, the issue of different prices of the same drug in drugstores and hospitals has become a concern of all walks of life

    Because the price of drugs in hospitals has been greatly reduced, a large number of patients with chronic diseases squeeze into large hospitals in order to buy drugs at a lower price, which not only brings extra burden to large hospitals, but also causes the phenomenon of difficulty in buying drugs

    If we want to win market share, but also to facilitate the masses to buy drugs, then the drugstore price reduction is an inevitable event

    In the new negotiation of medical insurance access, the deployment arrangement of the state medical insurance bureau shows that in the future, at least for the drugs that have been purchased in volume and have been greatly reduced in medical insurance negotiation, the same price of the same drug may be achieved in the hospital or drugstore, which further accelerates the "price reduction tide" of drugstores

    In fact, under the guidance of the medical insurance bureau, many places have begun to control the prices of commonly used drugs in pharmacies

    For example, Quanzhou Medical Insurance Bureau of Fujian Province has established the system of monitoring and publishing the retail price information of commonly used drugs, which monitors the price of 100 kinds of commonly used drugs in 15 designated chain retail pharmacies in the city, updates and publishes the retail price of drugs quarterly, so that the masses can query the price information of various drugs in a timely manner

    Through "price ratio of three", the masses can choose the retail drugstores with lower drug prices to purchase drugs

    Under the encouragement of the city's Medical Insurance Bureau, several Dalian locks responded positively, reducing the price of 100 kinds of drugs often sold in pharmacies by an average of 6.01% and 46.67% for some varieties

    And the 100 kinds of commonly used drugs at reduced price are all the chronic diseases drugs that consumers need in daily life, including 23 kinds of cardiovascular system drugs, 6 kinds of endocrine hormone drugs, 6 kinds of digestive system drugs, 3 kinds of hepatobiliary system drugs, 3 kinds of nervous system drugs, 2 kinds of facial features drugs, mainly for lowering blood lipid, lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes and other common chronic diseases

    On the whole, drugstore price reduction is the general trend, "4 + 7" volume purchase has been officially implemented in drugstore circle, and how much drug price can be reduced in the future can be seen.
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