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    Calibration method standard of environmental testing instruments

    • Last Update: 2007-02-07
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    Procedure No.: HJ / T 15-1996 ultrasonic open channel sewage flowmeter Methods for the calibration of acceleration sensitivity of acoustic hydrophones (GB / T 17251-1998) HJ / T 46-1999 specification of sulfur dioxide determinator by potentiometric electrolysis HJ / T 47-1999 Technical conditions of flue gas sampler HJ / T 48-1999 technical conditions of flue gas sampler HJ / T 62-2001 technical requirements and test specifications for cooking fume purification equipment in catering industry jjg688-90 Verification regulation of automobile emission gas tester SL 144-95 verification method of water environment detection instrument and test equipment JJG 956-2000 air sampler HJ / T 76-2001 Technical requirements and test methods of continuous monitoring system for flue gas discharged from fixed pollution sources GB / T 17061-1997 Technical specification for air sampling instrument in workplace JJG 950-2000 oil concentration analyzer in water GB / T 13931-2002 test method for performance of electrostatic precipitator JJG 968-2002 Flue gas analyzer JJG 520-2002 dust sampler HJ / T 93-2003 PM10 sampler technical requirements and test methods JJG 98-72 Verification regulation of balance trial JJG 99-81 verification regulation of weight JJG 196-90 verification regulation of common glass measuring instruments JJG 119-84 Verification regulation of laboratory pH Meter JJG 178-89 verification regulation of visible spectrophotometer Verification regulation of JJG 375-85 single beam ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer JJG 537-88 Verification regulation of fluorescence spectrophotometer jjg548-88 verification regulation of cold atomic fluorescence mercury detector JJG 689-90 verification regulation of ultraviolet, visible and near infrared spectrophotometer JJG Verification regulation of 694-90 atomic absorption spectrophotometer JJG 705-90 Verification regulation of liquid chromatograph jjg975-2002 chemical oxygen demand tester HJ / T 96-2003 technical requirements for pH water quality automatic analyzer HJ / T 97-2003 Technical requirements for conductivity water quality automatic analyzer HJ / T 98-2003 technical requirements for turbidity water quality automatic analyzer HJ / T 99-2003 technical requirements for dissolved oxygen (do) water quality automatic analyzer HJ / T 100-2003 Technical requirements for permanganate index water quality automatic analyzer HJ / T 101-2003 Technical requirements for automatic ammonia nitrogen water quality analyzer HJ / T 102-2003 technical requirements for automatic total nitrogen water quality analyzer HJ / T 103-2003 technical requirements for total phosphorus water quality automatic analyzer HJ / T 104-2003 Technical requirements for total organic carbon (TOC) water quality automatic analyzer
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