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    Call the name! "Xibu" or "Kaxi"?

    • Last Update: 2020-07-19
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    , are in the general name of the ..

    In the foreword
    innovative drugs are becoming more international, drug discovery is changing rapidly, pharmaceutical workers, often come into contact with many experimental drugs, drugs that have not entered the Chinese market or imported drugs that have entered China, the generic name of these drugs often use English names, but for Chinese people, if they can use the Chinese generic name, the communication will be more smooth, will also be more direct understanding of the development of drugs, to achieve better drug transmission effect

    , however, many drugs Chinese generic name, the official website of enterprises have their own rhetoric, tool translation is also different, even in the official website of the country many drugs are not unified in the general name ..

    The generic name of Chinese medicine,

    the legal name of the medicine formulated by the Pharmacopoeia Committee in accordance with the Principles of The Naming of the Generic Name of Drugs and reported to the Ministry of Health for the record, is the generic name of the drug in China consisting of the same ingredient or the same formula, which is mandatory and binding

    pharmaceutical intelligence news platform launched the "drug intelligence real name" column,

    according to the National Pharmacopoeia Committee organized and reported to the Ministry of Health for the record of the legal name of the drug

    , the drug for positive name analysis publicity, follow-up column direction will also extend to the industry news, events, technology, trends, enterprises, brands, people and other errors, irregularities or negative information for positive name, correction and so on

    the current generic name is controversial is a big category: "Xibu" or "Kaxi"?

    the generic name "dispute"

    in the

    of the State Drug Administration's domestic drugs and imported drugs data

    found that: the end of the same -coxib, CADN ending is not the same, such as: in domestic drugs, Etoricoxib, its CADN for "relying on kaxi "But other varieties, such as Parecoxib, are called "Parisib" and Celecoxib is called "Seleseshibu", as is the case in imported medicines, for Selaxib, Lofisib and Parisib

    the generic name "real name"

    the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission compiled the "China Drug Standards Working Manual" (fourth edition) to give a batch of drugs in English INN name and China Drug Common Name (CADN) comparison, which should be regarded as the national technical specification for drug names

    the name given on page 392 of the manual for "epoxy-2 inhibitor drugs", whose INN ending is -coxib, cadN's end of the word is "Kaxi", and gives the INN name and CADN of 11 such drugs:

    , the official generic name of the drug should be: Celyoxe, Rofaxe, Parrice, etc

    the promotion and adoption of China's generic drug name (CADN) for more than 20 years, people have become accustomed to identifying the categories of drugs, similar drugs, by the end of the name of the drug

    With the same INN ending, CADN ending is different? The past and the kaw is not the only case, and ihope this chaos does not happen again

    conclusion: first of all,

    , correct and accurate Chinese universal name for pharmaceutical workers have profound significance, in addition, health insurance negotiations, provincial supplementary payments, various catalogs and so on, are in the general name, which involves a variety of interests

    Hope that all medical perpeople, practice, the use of the correct Chinese common name, but also call on the official as soon as possible to unify

    which generic names forChinese which drugs do you have disputes or suggestions for? Welcome to the comments below for the next issue, so look forward to..

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