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    CampIng Power - The Role of Plant Diets in Health and Disease International Forum Sixth Person in Shanghai...

    • Last Update: 2020-10-24
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    As part of the 40-year series of activities on China-EU relations, the International Forum on the Role of Plant-based Diets in Health and Disease was held in Shanghai on September 25, 2015 on the potential beneficial role of nutrients in plant-based diets, with nine presentations by experts from Chinese and international institutions. Professor Luzi Livio of the University of Milan, Italy, and Professor Jia Weiping, President of the Sixth People's Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Jiao university, served as President of the General Assembly.

    morning's report on the relationship between sugar and health. Dr. Sun Liang of the Institute of Nutritional Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced some breakthrough achievements in the study of Chinese groups of nutrient status and metabolic diseases using histological-based biomarker technology, highlighting the potential changes in nutrient intake and disease prevention and control brought about by the highly susceptible genetic characteristics of Chinese groups. Dr. Cedar was presented with a report on the scientific evidence of the relationship between sugar and health at the CDC's Institute of Nutrition and Health in China. In his report, dr. Dr. Li briefed you on the definition of sugar, sugar intake around the world, sugar intake in China, and evidence-based findings on sugar in the 2015 edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents. Next, Professor Tappy Luc of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland brought a report on the link between sugar and overweight obesity, noting that high fructose intake can lead to a build-up of adipose tissue leading to obesity. Professor Su Yixiang, from the School of Public Health at Sun Yat-sen University, reported on the effects of sweets on Chinese metabolism, comparing the different physiological responses of three sweets, milk chocolate, cereal milk chocolate and walnut biscuits, to the body after breakfast.

    afternoon's report on the relationship between hazelnuts and other plant-based foods and health. First, Professor Ray Sumantra of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom introduced the significant impact of professional dietary nutrition education based on scientific evidence in the 21st century. Professor Brighenti Furio of the University of Parma in Italy and Professor Terruzzi Lleana of the Hospital of San Donato elaborated in detail on the health function of hazelnuts and hazelnut oils and their related scientific findings. Dr. Du Songming of the Chinese Academy of Nutrition brought with him evidence-based findings on nuts and soy in the 2015 edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents. Finally, Professor Sun Jianqin of the Department of Nutrition of East China Hospital affiliated with Fudan University introduced the metabolic-related studies of muscle decay syndrome and muscle-less obesity, as well as nutritional interventions.

    participants held positive questions and discussions with experts after the expert report, which enhanced academic exchanges between China and the EU and enhanced understanding and concern about the role of plant-based diets in health and disease.

    . Zhu Xinya is


    Department of International Affairs on September 30, 2015

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