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    Can cancer patients eat chicken essence

    • Last Update: 2018-08-01
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    Introduction: cancer, also known as malignant tumor, is a disease caused by the abnormal mechanism of cell growth and proliferation Can cancer patients eat chicken essence? In medicine, cancer refers to the malignant tumor originated from epithelial tissue, which is the most common type of malignant tumor Correspondingly, the malignant tumors originated from mesenchymal tissue are called sarcomas A few malignant tumors are not named according to the above principles, such as nephroblastoma, malignant teratoma, etc Generally speaking, "cancer" refers to all malignant tumors Can cancer patients eat chicken sperm? Tumor is a new organism formed by abnormal proliferation and differentiation of cells in local tissues due to the loss of normal regulation on their growth at the gene level under the action of various oncogenic factors Once a new organism is formed, it will not stop growing due to the elimination of the cause of disease Its growth will not be regulated by normal organism physiology, but will destroy normal tissues and organs, which is especially obvious in malignant tumors Compared with benign tumors, malignant tumors grow faster and more infiltrative They are prone to bleeding, necrosis, ulcers, etc., and often have distant metastasis, resulting in human emaciation, weakness, anemia, loss of appetite, fever, and severe organ function damage, which eventually leads to death of patients Not all dishes are suitable for adding chicken essence When stewing, spareribs and other delicious food, adding chicken essence will make the food go stale and affect the taste of the dish At this time, you can choose ordinary monosodium glutamate and other condiments instead It should also be noted that chicken essence contains nucleotides, and its metabolite is uric acid Therefore, chicken essence must not be put into cooking for patients with (heart or immune system disease or skin disease, liver disease) There are also some people who eat too much chicken essence in one day, have dry sore throat, dream and other symptoms when they rest at night, and even cause physical discomfort such as nasal congestion and headache Such people should try to eat less or not Cancer patients are advised to eat less chicken essence After all, chicken essence is made of chemical ingredients Is chicken essence harmful to human body? Chicken essence is not extracted from chicken, but is a kind of food additive It is made of chemical raw materials It is dangerous to eat chicken essence frequently It's better to eat less or not Now, there is a food safety detector in China, which can detect 50 parameters in food on site To learn more about food additives, please come to Baibai safety net, welcome to learn Editor in charge: he xianrob
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