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    Can carnivorous bacteria really eat meat?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Strictly speaking, carnivorous bacteria are a misnomebecause they do not eat meat, but release toxins that dissolve tissueCarnivorous bacteria is not a single bacteria, is a mix of bacteria that cause necrotizing fasciitis, of which the most common pathogenic pre-septic streptococcus, trauma arcadeIt specializes in "eating" fat and fascia, if not removed in time, bacteria will be from the inside of the patient "eat", so also known as "carnivorous bacteria."medical term for diseases caused by carnivorous bacteria is necrotizing fasciitisAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are about 1,000 cases of necrotizing fasciitis in the United States each year, a figure the agency says may be less than the actual numberpeople prone to necrotizing fasciitis are people with diabetes, low immunity, malnutrition, old age, intravenous drug use, long-term use of glucocorticoids, chronic skin ulcersInducing factors are skin bruises, burns, stab wounds, animal or insect bites, etcinfect sings these bacteria very quickly and can cause very serious damage before the symptoms become apparentThe disease can occur in various parts of the body, with the limbs as common, especially the lower limbs, followed by the yin, neck, face, abdominal wall and back buttocksChildren are mainly at the hips and waist, while adults are found in the abdomen and the vulvaIn severe cases, the internal tissues of the infected site are completely exposed to the body, and the necrosis part forms a depression, as if it had been "eaten" too, very scarynecrotizing fasciitis is a very rare infectious disease, a year also encountered 2 to 3 cases, if the timely visit, the disease will quickly develop leading to necrosis, causing a series of serious problems, and even threaten life safetyAlthough the incidence of the disease is not high, but because the incidence is not easy to find in time, children who come to see a doctor are often difficult to treat, recovery time is longerchildren's low immunity and bacteria are more likely to invade into children through skin breaksWhen a child has blisters, or skin damage, parents must not take it lightly, let alone deal with it at willUnder the premise of ensuring the cleanness of the disease, real-time observation of the child's status, once redness, touching pain, should be timely medical treatment, so as not to delay the illness caused serious problemsin daily life injured if small wounds, with iodine volt disinfection, iodine volt is more commonly used in life of foreign medicine, with broad-spectrum sterilization, can be used for the skin, mucous membrane disinfection ; if the wound is deeper, you can use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect, pay attention to observe the changes in the wound, if there is a deterioration to timely medical treatment If the appearance of sore throat and other medication can not be alleviated, but also must go to the hospital in a timely manner
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