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    Can I take a bath after getting the new crown vaccine? Can you drink and eat spicy food? The authoritative answer came

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
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    Q, can I take a bath after vaccination? A, after the new crown vaccine (including other vaccines) can bathe.
    inoculation personnel often after vaccination told the subject not to bathe on the same day, the main purpose is to prevent infection at the vaccination site, to avoid or reduce the occurrence of local reactions.
    the new crown vaccine contains adsorption preparations, some of the subjects in the vaccination, the vaccination site may appear red and swollen or hard knots, bath to avoid excessive pressure, stimulation, bath to maintain local cleaning.
    Q, after vaccination can smoke, drink, eat spicy food? A, in fact, normal activities, diet does not affect the effectiveness of the vaccine, there is no need to change the original habits.
    But when you experience fever, fatigue, even nausea, diarrhea and other symptoms after vaccination, you should adjust your diet appropriately, pay attention to rest, avoid overwork, and do not drink alcohol or overeating.
    Q, how do I make an appointment for the new crown vaccine? A, the current key population emergency vaccination of the new coronavirus vaccine temporarily do not take the personal appointment method, the districts have made proper arrangements to take effective measures to form an orderly docking, the relevant departments in the jurisdiction will be orderly organization of vaccination work.
    Because of the private exit work, study personnel, may hold a local hukou or residence permit, passport, valid visa (excluding visa-free or visa-on-arrival countries) and necessary supporting materials, such as air tickets, certificates issued by labor companies, acceptance letters or invitations issued by overseas schools, etc., to the streets (towns) or community service stations where they live for information examination, audit can be passed to the designated vaccination institutions for vaccination, please pay attention to the relevant notification of each district.
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