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    Home > Medical News > Medical World News > Can Internet giants' capital injection flow be realized in the field of "medical devices"?

    Can Internet giants' capital injection flow be realized in the field of "medical devices"?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
    • Source: Internet
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    Wen | latte cat < br / > medical devices are known as the "most worthy of investment field", with large development space and broad marketIn recent months, the good news has been continuous and widely sought after by investorsInternet giants have invested in medical devices, what impact might it have on this field?6 2, according to the data of enterprises, Beijing fast hand Internet Information Co., Ltd., which was invested by 100% of Kwai Kwai Technology Co., Ltd., has been establishedThe company's business scope includes: the first category, the second class of medical device sales, and the third category of medical device businessThe company's operation scope is thirdthe only shareholder of the company is Beijing fast hand technology limited, while Beijing Kwai Kwai headquarters has no medical device part< br / > on May 13, according to the enterprise investigation data, Alibaba cloud computing Co., Ltdadded the sales of class II medical devices< br / > on April 1, glory Terminal Co., Ltdinvested by Huawei was established with a registered capital of 300 million yuanAccording to the enterprise investigation, the business scope registered by the company in the industrial and commercial department covers: development, production and sales of medical devices (class I, class II and class III), and supporting products of the aforementioned products, as well as providing technical consultation and after-sales services< br / > on the same day, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltdchanged its business scope and increased its domestic trade; engaged in the import and export of goods and technologies (excluding distribution and national monopoly, special control and monopoly commodities); sales of class I medical devices; sales of class II medical devicesLicensed business items: Sales of three types of medical devices< br / > on March 12, baidu health (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltdwas officially established It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 30 million yuan Its business scope includes class I and II medical devices and sales of category III medical devices < br / > due to various factors such as economic development, population growth, population aging, innovation policy support, etc., the field of medical devices has been known as "the most worthy of investment" in recent years Now many Internet companies cross-border medical devices, do you want to bring goods live? I'm afraid not according to the provisions of the fifteenth, 19, 20 and 22 articles of the advertising law, it is not allowed to advertise the following items through the Internet: special drugs such as narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, toxic drugs for medical use, radioactive drugs, drug like precursor chemicals, medical, medical equipment and health food, and infant dairy products, drinks and other food claiming to replace breast milk in whole or in part, And tobacco < br / > in addition, the negative impression of exaggeration, too many fake goods, wrong goods, false propaganda and so on has been quite serious < br / > on June 5, eight departments, including the state Internet and information office, the national "anti pornography and anti-counterfeiting" office, the supreme law, the Ministry of industry and information, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of culture and tourism, the General Administration of market supervision, the State Administration of radio and television, said they would launch a half year long special rectification and standardized management action for the online live broadcasting industry, including the exploration and implementation of the management rules for online live broadcasting with goods < br / > although it's natural that medical devices can't be attracted by the gimmick of ancient recipes and ancient methods, as high-tech products, medical devices should have a simple pride - compliance, legality and effectiveness with the approval of the government If I don't cheat, will I still be afraid of strict standards? < br / > Internet companies invest in the field of medical care, and may also consider policies < br / > high value medical consumables industry has always been characterized by high technical barriers, talent barriers, market barriers, low industry concentration and dependence on foreign imports < br / > at the same time, China's medical device industry has gone through a similar development process with the automobile industry: there is no independent R & D power, only copying foreign products can live, and the Chinese market is large enough, as long as the products are cheap and of good quality, enterprises can get a share, leading to serious homogeneity of domestic medical devices, lack of differentiation and innovation awareness, High end medical devices are heavily dependent on foreign imports < br / > with the investment of Internet enterprises in medical devices, it is conducive to multi-disciplinary penetration in technology (for example, medical ultrasound equipment involves acoustic, electronics, biomedicine, materials science, sensor technology, computer and digital technology, image processing and other technical fields), and it is possible to strengthen communication with clinicians on the use of devices through information construction, Timely adjustment and improvement, the most important is to provide enterprises with larger data resources and data services < br / > with the decline of simple and rough promotion mode of medical representatives, enterprises need to grasp marketing and market cultivation to improve their trust in medical institutions and brand recognition in the retail market It is possible to carry out academic promotion on the live broadcast platform, and lay a hand in brand building of e-commerce platform The foundation is to stand on the platform, do a good job in market cultivation, and cultivate relatively fixed and reliable brand users < br / > on June 8, the state health insurance bureau issued the Interim Measures for the management of medical consumables for basic medical insurance (Draft for comments), which was open for comments The centralized collection and consistency evaluation of medical devices are on the way, which also requires enterprises to expand other channels within the scope of safety and legality, especially in the retail channel Although the market share is less than that of hospitals at present, the e-commerce platform still has sufficient development space and will be a strategic important place that cannot be ignored At the same time, when formulating the rules for centralized mining of medical devices, we should also try to avoid the bleeding of imported medical devices, and the deadly situation of domestic medical devices once again appears [4 + 7 pilot centralized mining 「 directional blasting 」, is it right for people? 】。
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