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    Can peaches and watermelons be poisoned when eaten together? There is no scientific basis

    • Last Update: 2022-09-26
    • Source: Internet
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    Summer is coming, melons and fruits are abundant, many people have opened the binge eating mode, in addition to the summer fruit regulars - watermelon, as well as peaches, cucumbers, tomatoes and so on.

    Watermelon, peaches, cucumbers, because of their good taste, easy to buy, almost every family must-have

    But different voices are also heard on the Internet:

    Peaches and watermelons can not be eaten together, will be poisoned fatally?

    Cucumbers and tomatoes cannot be eaten together, destroying vitamin C?

    Lemonade can not be drunk during the day, will turn black?

    So is the claim that these commonly eaten things are true or false? Let's unlock the truth today.


    There are rumors that peaches cannot be eaten with watermelons and will be poisoned to death

    From the perspective of nutritional composition, peaches are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially minerals such as potassium and a certain amount of pectin, which are of great benefit

    Watermelon has a high water content, is a hydration "weapon", lycopene and vitamin C content is also very high

    From the perspective of nutritional composition, there is no reason to

    As for xiangke, in nutrition and food safety theory, there is no such thing as

    The interaction between food and drugs exists objectively, and the interaction between drugs and drugs is also there, but in real life, there are no cases of poisoning caused by food phase and related reports

    Even if there are some claims about the death of "food grams", the influence of food poisoning or special constitution on food allergies is not excluded

    In fact, it is not a true food phase, and even if you eat one of the foods alone, the above performance

    Professor Zheng Ji, an expert in nutrition in China, once conducted experimental research on the so-called "food phase" foods, such as sweet potatoes + bananas, peanuts + cucumbers, kelp + pig blood, persimmons + crabs, etc.

    The Chinese Nutrition Society has commissioned 100 healthy people from Lanzhou University to conduct the so-called "Xiangke" food test, including pork + lilies, chicken + sesame, beef + potatoes, potatoes + tomatoes, leeks + spinach, etc.

    Therefore, the claim that peaches and watermelons cannot be eaten together has no scientific basis, and the claim that they will be poisoned and fatal is even more implausible


    There is a saying on the Internet that cucumbers contain vitamin C decomposition enzymes, tomatoes contain vitamin C, and eating them together will destroy the vitamin C
    of tomatoes.

    In fact, this is only theoretical logical reasoning, and it is not the case in practice

    First of all, there are studies that show that cucumbers contain some vitamin C breakdown enzymes, but the dose is not enough to make waves

    According to the Chinese food composition table, cucumber vitamin C content of 9mg / 100g, if cucumber contains a lot of vitamin C decomposition enzymes, then why did not destroy their own vitamin C? In addition, enzymes like vitamin C decomposition enzymes are easily denatured by high temperatures, and then lose enzyme vitality, so cooked cucumbers have no ability to break down vitamin C
    in tomatoes.

    In daily life, the main way of vitamin C damage is heat loss and air oxidation damage, and the vitamin C decomposition enzyme in cucumbers is simply a witch if compared
    with these two.

    Therefore, in order to consume enough vitamin C, you may wish to eat more unheated fresh fruits and vegetables

    In addition to the above, there are some statements: lemonade can not be drunk during the day, it will turn black? Drink anti-aging at night? Is it that on the road to becoming white and beautiful, it is getting farther and farther away?

    Lemonade can not be drunk during the day, it will turn black?

    There are anecdotal rumors: lemons are light-sensitive food, easy to absorb light, lemonade will be blackened
    during the day.

    First of all, lemon itself is indeed a kind of photosensitive food, because the limonene and coumarins contained in lemons are very sensitive to light sources, and when they come into contact with light sources, they will act, resulting in blackening

    However, lemons contain extremely small amounts of photosensitive substances such as limonene and coumarin, and the content of limonene in the lemon water of lemons that people put is extremely low, which is one of them;

    Second, limonene and coumarin are fat-soluble substances, almost insoluble in water, mainly present in lemon essential oil, lemonade can hardly be soaked;

    In addition, even if it can be ingested into the body, it still needs enough sunlight exposure to potentially darken
    the skin.
    In fact, it is mainly exposed to the sun, and photosensitive substances such as limonene will also be tanned
    without ingestion.

    Therefore, lemonade can not be drunk during the day without any scientific basis
    In the same way, drinking anti-aging at night is even more untrustworthy

    Anti-aging is not solved by a single food, a balanced diet, a reasonable pace of life and a way of life is more reliable

    Eat fruit before or after a meal?

    Regarding fruits, there are also some "gold, silver, copper, lead" in the industry, the fruit eaten in the morning is "gold", the noon is "silver", the afternoon is "copper", and the evening is "lead"

    From the perspective of nutritional matching, the earlier the fruit is eaten, the better

    After a longer period of uneaspped in the evening, ingesting some fruits in the morning to get vitamins and minerals is a great way to

    In addition to vitamins and minerals, the general fruit also contains a certain amount of dietary fiber, which is not easy to digest, if it is consumed at night, coupled with a decrease in gastrointestinal motility during sleep at night, it may be detrimental
    to gastrointestinal health.

    Of course, this is not absolute, and the appropriate intake of some fruit foods at any time of the day is healthy

    Therefore, as for whether to eat fruit before or after meals, it still varies from person to person

    If there is a need for weight loss, gastrointestinal function is normal, you can consider eating fruit before meals, which can increase satiety, which can reduce the food intake of
    the meal.

    If the gastrointestinal function is poor, chronic gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer, it is recommended to eat fruit after meals, which can reduce the direct stimulation of
    the gastrointestinal mucosa such as dietary fiber contained in the fruit.

    Precautions for eating fruits in summer

    (1) Fruits should eat whole fruit, can not only drink fruit juice, juice in addition to less dietary fiber, nutritional value greatly reduced, but also contains more pectin and sugar, excessive intake may induce gout and blood sugar control is not good;

    (2) People with poor gastrointestinal function try not to eat fruits with too low temperature, such as frozen lychees, so as not to cause gastrointestinal symptoms;

    (3) The temperature is high in summer, bacteria are easy to breed, and if the cut fruit is not properly preserved, it is easy to cause food poisoning
    (Edited by Li Chuang)

    (Author: Wang Wenxiang, MD, Associate Professor of Fujian Medical University, Doctoral Supervisor of Nutrition and Food)

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