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    Canada will increase crude oil exports to the U.S.

    • Last Update: 2021-06-05
    • Source: Internet
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    According to a report from China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation on May 25, 2021, Canada’s crude oil exports to the United States will increase this year due to the increase in additional pipeline capacity and the increase in oil sands production, adding that due to the availability of producers Rarely, the demand for heavy crude oil has also been rising.

    Canada's pipeline daily export capacity will increase by at least about 420,000 barrels, while the production of heavy crude oil in the oil sands will increase.

    The expansion project will increase the pipeline’s daily oil delivery capacity from 390,000 barrels to 760,000 barrels, and enable Onkyo to accept more capacity reservation requests.

    Due to insufficient pipeline capacity, Canada is exporting more and more crude oil to the United States and has to be transported by rail.

    Before the deadline for Governor Whitmer’s request to close the pipeline, Ottawa said in a statement: “This case has raised concerns about the historical framework.

    This is why the expansion of Pipeline Line 3 will be welcomed by Canadian oil producers, and the expansion of Onkyo’s other pipeline, the Express pipeline from Hardisty to Casper, Wyoming, will also increase its capacity.

    Li Jun compiled from the oil price network

    The original text is as follows:

    Canada To Boost Oil Exports To The US

    Canadian crude oil exports to the United States are about to increase this year as additional pipeline capacity comes online and oil sands output increases, adding that demand for heavy crude has also been on the rise with few producers available.

    Pipeline export capacity will rise by some 420,000 bpd at least, the report noted, while production of heavy crude in the oil sands improves.

    The expansion project will boost the pipeline's capacity from 390,000 bpd to 760,000 bpd and will enable Enbridge to accept more requests for capacity reservations.

    Because of the pipeline capacity shortage, rising Canadian exports of crude to the United States have had to be transported by rail.

    "This case raises concerns regarding the efficacy of the historic framework upon which the US-Canada relationship has been successfully managed for generations," Ottawa said in a statement ahead of Gov.

    This is one reason why the expansion of Line 3 will be welcome by Canadian oil producers, as will the 50,000-bpd expansion of another one of Enbridge's pipelines—the Express pipeline from Hardisty to Casper, Wyoming.

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