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    Canadian scientists have developed a sustainable coating system for metals

    • Last Update: 2021-01-06
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    A chemistry teacher at St. Catherines-Brook University in Ontario, North America, and a chemical company in Burlington, Ontario, filed a patent for a green coating system for metal corrosion protection.

    Paul Zelisko, an organic chemistry teacher, and Vanchem Functional Chemicals named their green-coated anti-corrosion technology Greencoat, which secures coatings to metal and pigment surfaces with silicon instead of heavy metals.

    。 "All in all, it's a water-like coating that contains active sand, and if the material is washed away or leaking, it's just water and sand that flows into the environment," Zelisko said. "Steel plates or other metal plates need to be pre-treated with a substance to prevent corrosion such as rust and salt. This substance must not only be able to adhere to the metal but also to be able to adhere to any paint pigment on the upper part of the coating on the sheet. But the problem is that metal is inorganic, but the paint used on it is organic.

    traditional coating systems use heavy metals such as zinc phosphate, iron phosphate or chromium to stick organic and inorganic substances together. Phosphoric acid into the environment, will cause serious lakes, rivers red tide, endangering the lives of aquatic plants and animals. Solvents used in the process can also cause pollution and damage to the environment.

    traditional coatings, Mr. Zelisko and Mr. Vanchem's green coating process is two-step: first, coating the base of the metal. Water is mixed with silicon dioxide and coated with metal, which allows the metal to come into contact with chemicals, which is also a cleansing of the metal, while also trapping silica on the metal's surface. This coating not only protects, but also provides a coating for the second layer, which is better bonded to the paint. The second layer has polysilicates, and the base material is also silicon dioxide. Silica modified to adhere to metals and paints.

    the treated metal plates into the salt mist chamber, and fine salt mist continues to spray on the metal until the metal begins to corrode. The new coating tests range in length from 1,800 to 3,000 hours, almost three times the length of industry standards, Mr. Zelisko explains.

    。 McLeod says the green coating may initially cost more than the zinc phosphate coating, but when you take into account the investment, maintenance costs, and other costs of environmentally friendly treatment of non-green coatings, companies can actually save more in the long run by using our green coating.

    the Ontario Center of Excellence for its support of this study through its OCE Cooperative Research Program.

    August 2, 2016, the Greencoat silica pre-treatment coating process was patented in the United States and patent applications are still pending in Canada and Europe.
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