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    Cancer screening using "sugar proteomics" the company completed a $34 million B round of financing

    • Last Update: 2021-01-19
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    Recently, California-based InterVenn Biosciences announced the completion of a $34 million round of B financing, with Anzu Partners leading the way, and Genoa Ventures, Amplify Partners, True Ventures and others taking part.
    protein glycosylation is a widely available protein post-translation modification (PTM) that plays an important role in cells and the body and is involved in regulating many important biological processes.
    protein glycosylation abnormalities can lead to inflammation, cancer and other diseases.
    with advances in technologies such as mass spectrometration, glycoproteomics is being used to identify and identify glycoproteins associated with the occurrence and progression of diseases.
    InterVenn uses a proprietary sugar proteomic biomarker discovery platform to focus on early and accurate diagnosis of a variety of cancers.
    through AI and deep learning optimization algorithms, the company can identify and accurately locate protein glycosylation in samples in a short period of time.
    , interVenn has so far identified biomarkers for 24 basic diagnostics through partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies, hospitals and research institutes.
    , the company will expand its range of tests to include ovarian, kidney, lung, liver, prostate, pancreatic, nasopharyngeal and colorectal cancers.
    the company's VISTA platform has been able to quickly detect the specific location of protein glycosylation and glycopeptides in blood samples.
    InterVenn's VISTA platform (Photo: InterVenn)'s website) will help patients win more treatment time and significantly reduce cancer death rates if accurate diagnoses are made at an early stage of cancer.
    cancer early screening enterprises although the use of different diagnostic strategies, many new enterprises have been the attention of capital.
    California-based GRAIL is working on liquid biopsies of early-stage cancers using next-generation gene sequencing (NGS) data.
    biopsy program developed by GRAIL extracts cellless DNA (cfDNA) from a patient's blood and then discovers the presence of cancer and its tissue source through an analysis of the methylated state of cfDNA.
    previous studies have also shown that GRAIL's early detection of cancer can detect more than 50 stages of cancer in the blood, with a false positive rate of less than 1%.
    after GRAIL completed a $390 million round of financing in May, illumina and GRAIL jointly announced in September that they had reached a final agreement to buy GRAIL for a total of $8 billion.
    San Francisco-based Freeome also completed a $270 million round of C financing in August.
    Freenome aims to develop simple and accurate multi-group blood tests to detect and screen for early cancers.
    previously released data, the company's PREEMPT CRC platform detected colorectal cancer with sensitivity of 91% (94% of patients with stage 1/2) and specificity of 94%.
    , another cancer early-screening start-up, is also working on screening for early-stage cancer through blood tests.
    its CanserSEEK test, which uses testing methods for genetic mutations and protein biomarkers, has conducted the first proactive interventional study of 10,000 patients in a real-world clinical setting.
    Thrive received $257 million in round B financing in July, and in October Exact Sciences announced it would buy Thrive for $21.5 million.
    : InterVenn Biosciences Raises $34M For Ovarian Cancer, Immuno-oncology Therapies. Retrieved November 18, 2020, from With a 'monopoly' on glycoproteomics, InterVenn raises $34M to push cancer diagnostic into the clinic, woos Illumina BD exec. Retrieved November 18, 2020, from
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