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    Cangzhou Refining and Chemical's major renovation continues and steadily advances

    • Last Update: 2021-06-22
    • Source: Internet
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      Sinopec News Network’s system elimination, equipment update, hidden danger management, 50-day construction period, more than 3,000 maintenance personnel, and hundreds of working faces started at the same time.
    At present, Cangzhou Refining & Chemical's major renovation work is under intense and orderly construction

    As of June 14th, there were 2,454 planned overhaul projects, with 93.
    44% started and 60.
    59% completed; a total of 156 equipment renewal and renovation projects have all started, and progress has been made


      "The device is the battlefield, the overhaul is the command, and the victory is the responsibility
    We must act quickly, with firmer determination, more effective measures, and wholeheartedly devote to the "assault war" of major modifications, and complete major modifications with high quality

    " This is A mobilization order issued by the Cangzhou Refining and Chemical Company's overhaul mobilization meeting

    On May 10th, Cangzhou Refining & Chemical Co.
    , Ltd.
    officially sounded the clarion call for the "Assault War"


      In order to ensure the "safe, green, high-quality, punctual, and clean" installation overhaul, the Cangzhou Refining & Chemical Party Committee attached great importance to it and carefully planned the "combat" deployment.
    At the beginning of this year, it established an overhaul headquarters with an overhaul planning group, a production scheduling group, 15 coordination groups including the construction scheduling management group, the safety and environmental protection group, and the quality management group, fully and strictly implement the shut-down plan, maintenance plan, and acceptance process of each device


      The overhaul involved all production equipment and auxiliary production systems, including 2,454 overhaul projects, 115 equipment renewal projects, and 41 renovation projects
    Cangzhou Refining & Chemical has made comprehensive deployments in terms of safety management, quality and progress control in accordance with the construction management requirements during the overhaul


      The company adheres to the principles of "who is in charge, who is responsible", "who issues, who is responsible", who executes, who is responsible, and "localized management", and implements supervision by the company, operation department, supervision, construction unit and third parties.
    The five-in-one safety supervision system implements safety grid management, strictly controls, and the responsibility falls to the individual

    At the same time, it strengthened the management of contractors and issued the "Measures for the Evaluation and Management of Construction Contractors and Supervision Companies", which included contractors into the company's safety management system, strengthened the control of direct operation links, and strictly assessed


      The quality of overhaul determines the safety and operation level of the start-up.
    The company strictly implements the major overhaul plan and various regulations from every link, keeps improving the quality of materials and equipment entering the factory, construction process control, and key project acceptance.
    It has established a quality management team to track the whole process.
    Seriously carry out major revision and quality inspections

    Strictly implement the quality acceptance work, and take accountability seriously, implement the assessment, and urge the rectification of problems in place for the process quality acceptance that does not meet the standards


      In order to ensure the progress of the construction progress on schedule, during the overhaul period, strictly follow the overhaul network plan, optimize the construction organization, rationally allocate personnel and machinery, and grasp key links and process control
    The project affiliated unit organizes on-site docking of contractors and related units and personnel every day, scientifically arranges the construction progress, and supervises the important nodes of the project

    At the same time, the functional departments of production, equipment, safety, etc.
    strengthened the sense of service, in-depth inspection and repair site, and provided professional technical support to solve problems for the front line

    At present, 81% of key line projects are completed, and 87% of sub-critical line projects are completed


      On the basis of professional skills training in process technology, equipment management, safety and environmental protection, each operation department has seized the "training ground" of shutdown and maintenance, and carried out various forms of experiential teaching for young workers, and realized the realization of maintenance equipment.
    "Close contact" has effectively improved the skill level of young workers, allowing them to have a deep understanding of related issues in the production process, so that they can better contribute to the overhaul of the installation


      (Zhang Ting)

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