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    Carbon black or welcome a new round of price increases This year the overall domestic market rose nearly 30%

    • Last Update: 2020-08-30
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    Shanghai News was informed that by the rising cost of raw materials and downstream demand and other factors, carbon black prices will usher in a new round of rise. Data show that Cabot in early December plans to raise the price of carbon black 400 yuan per ton, other enterprises are also expected to follow the rise, the increase will be 300 yuan to 500 yuan per ton, this year, the domestic carbon black market as a whole rose nearly 30%. In addition, the latest announcement of Black Cat shares, accounting for nearly 10% of the company's production capacity of Taiyuan production line due to environmental reasons to reduce production load, indicating that environmental protection restrictions are gradually increasing, helping to improve the industry supply and demand pattern.
    carbon black downstream is mainly tire applications, in the purchase tax halved and other factors, driven by this year's car sales exceeded expectations, tire demand growth and price increases on the upstream carbon black play an important supporting role. According to the brokerage research report, some tire companies in Shandong took the lead in issued a tire price adjustment notice on November 8th, and raised the price of tires from November 10th, up between 2% and 3%. Other domestic tire suppliers will follow suit, rising between 2% and 5%.
    inventory, the current Shandong, Shanxi and other places carbon black manufacturers inventory overall low, by the downstream tire just need to support, carbon black traders to increase the mentality of optimism. N220 varieties, Hebei region quoted 4700 yuan to 5400 yuan per ton, Shanxi quoted 4500 yuan to 5000 yuan per ton, Shandong quoted 4700 yuan to 5700 yuan per ton; N330 varieties, Hebei quoted 4300 yuan to 4800 yuan per ton, Shanxi quoted 4000 yuan to 4500 yuan per ton, Shandong quoted 4500 yuan to 4900 yuan per ton.
    industry capacity, China is the world's largest producer of carbon black, with a production capacity of nearly 7 million tons, accounting for about 42% of the world's output, accounting for nearly 46%. Affected by the decline of the U.S. double-reverse and automobile growth, China's carbon black industry has entered the industry trough since 2013. Among them, the price of N330 fell from 6600 yuan per ton at the end of 2013 to a low of 4000 yuan per ton this year, and began to pick up in the second half of this year. After the rapid expansion in the early period, China's carbon black production capacity growth rate declined, last year's production capacity of only 80,000 tons, to provide support for the improvement of the supply and demand pattern.
    black market will also force the industry integration process. Prior to the China Rubber Association carbon black branch of the data show that due to the industry downturn, the overall loss-making state, those small-scale, high energy consumption, serious pollution enterprises will be eliminated, and large-scale and comprehensive use of energy, environmental governance standards will further expand the survival space. In addition, this year's second batch of environmental protection inspection work fully started, carbon black and other high-polluting industries are expected to be focused on governance, leading enterprises market share or will be increased.
    agency expects that with the support of downstream tire and industrial rubber products demand, the average annual growth rate of the carbon black industry will remain at about 6%, the industry supply and demand pattern is expected to further improve. In addition, the rise in the price of coal tar also plays a role in supporting the cost of carbon black, helping to push the market price further upward.
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