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    Carbon black prices plummeted by 70% analysts: the decline is also normal

    • Last Update: 2021-11-15
    • Source: Internet
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    Global Coatings Network News:

    Global Coatings Network News:

    Recently, the price of major domestic carbon black companies has dropped by about 400-500 yuan/ton, a drop of about 7%.
    According to industry insiders, the price cut is mainly related to the decline in raw materials, poor downstream demand and the company's own inventory.
    However, some analysts said that the price of carbon black fell within a certain range, which is conducive to the reshuffle of the industry and the elimination of outdated production capacity.

    Analysts said that as the weather turns cold, the downstream tire industry of carbon black has started to decline, and demand is not good.
    The high inventory of manufacturers is also a major problem.
    In addition, the price of upstream coal tar has also recently fallen slightly, losing the cost of carbon black prices.
    Therefore, the price of carbon black has shown a downward trend, "However, the price of coal tar has not changed much, and the impact is small.

    The analyst also said that near the end of the year, carbon black companies have problems with capital withdrawal and inventory, and price drops are normal, but the company's profit margins may be squeezed to a certain extent.

    Data show that the mainstream of carbon black market negotiation in Shanxi is 5400-5500 yuan/ton, Shandong is 6100-6200 yuan/ton, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang are about 6,700 yuan/ton.
    It is expected that the carbon black market will continue to decline in the later period.
    Last weekend (December 5), the average ex-factory price of coal tar from domestic enterprises was 2054.
    55 yuan/ton, a decline of 0.

    Some people in the industry said that the current carbon black market is severely differentiated, and the current price of small companies is under great pressure.
    Small carbon black manufacturers have an operating rate of about 30% and are facing the risk of bankruptcy.
    "The overall decline in prices does not rule out the industry.
    There may be further shuffling.
    Previous analysis pointed out that the top three domestic carbon black companies, Black Cat, Cabot and Longxing Chemical, together accounted for about 30% of the market share.
    As the industry concentration continues to increase, the competitive landscape has improved significantly, and large companies have bargained for downstream prices.
    The ability is expected to be enhanced, and the leading advantage is obvious.

    In this connection, the public phone number of the leading carbon black company Black Cat Co.
    , Ltd.
    was called many times, but no one answered.
    Carbon black is the second largest raw material in the rubber industry.
    About 91% of carbon black products are used in the rubber industry, of which about 67% is used in tires and 24% is used in other rubber products.
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