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    Catch the Internet and Express Thick Street Furniture Enterprise Group Expedition to South Africa

    • Last Update: 2021-01-31
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    the new economic normal, furniture enterprises how to "go out"? Reporters learned from the town of Hou Street, catch up with the "Internet plus" and "Belt and Road" express, Dongxin Group, Huayuan Group through the online furniture exhibition, layout line O2O experience hall, set up overseas bonded warehouse, open brand stores, the rate of thick street furniture enterprises "expedition" South African market. Set up cross-border e-commerce platform is understood, with the decline of the European and American markets, Latin America, the Middle East market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the large population, broad market in Africa has become the new blue sea of concern, and South Africa as Africa's most developed countries and the economy can radiate around the country's "bridgehead", in recent years, Dongguan furniture enterprises have stepped up water testing to open up the South African market. In April this year, Dongguan City and South Africa signed a number of framework cooperation agreements, opening a new chapter in economic and trade cooperation between Dongguan and South Africa. It is reported that Dongguan Dongxin Group, Huayuan Group will be influential in South Africa Flycom Technology (South Africa) Co., Ltd., Fullerton International Trade (South Africa) Co., Ltd. to carry out in-depth cooperation, the first South African "overseas products O2O exhibition and sales" business model, to create africa-Dongguan Commodity Network Trade Expo Center - "world factory" cross-border batch power generation platform "convergence point." It is understood that the e-commerce platform has been completed by Dongxin Group to build, integrated furniture, shoes, bags and other nearly a thousand kinds of high-quality product resources, from the preferred high-end furniture to the local market, up to now, Dongguan has more than 140 furniture enterprises plan to enter the platform. Layout furniture experience museum Dongxin Group Chairman Zhan Haiqing analysis, in recent years, Dongguan has 30-40 furniture enterprises through Dongxin export furniture to South Africa, the annual export value of tens of millions of dollars, but mostly for general trade, order volatility is greater. Furniture products of higher value, more need for offline physical display platform, therefore, furniture overseas O2O pavilion has become a cross-border e-commerce development solutions. Zhan Haiqing revealed that the project initially plans to build more than 10 furniture O2O experience hall in Cape Town, South Africa, "Golden City" Johannesburg and other cities. Among them, an area of 5-100,000 square meters of O2O furniture experience hall will be built in Johannesburg - Dongguan famous home South Africa Expo Center (or Dongguan Commodity South Africa Expo Center), the project is expected to start construction within the year. "There is no larger and more concentrated furniture market in the whole of southern Africa, and if we can build a furniture expo center with a large volume and strong brand effect, it will be able to drive Dongguan furniture to South Africa and africa as a whole." Fang Xibo, general manager of the China operations of Fullerton International Trade (South Africa) Co., Ltd., said. The introduction of advanced logistics system "South Africa's middle-class consumption capacity is strong, high-end furniture in the local market. Fang Xibo revealed that although South Africa has a population of only 50 million, its economic radiation capacity can cover 500 million people across southern Africa, and that there are now business opportunities in all walks of life similar to China's reform and opening-up in the 1980s. It is reported that in order to provide logistics protection and policy support for overseas O2O experience stores, the project will strive to build an overseas bonded warehouse, led by Dongxin Group to carry out declaration and construction work, and import the current set of the most advanced OMS-WMS logistics storage and distribution system, as well as to provide international logistics services for the project. Industry analysts believe that the establishment of overseas O2O pavilions and overseas bonded warehouses, not only to break the constraints of time and space, improve the logistics and distribution of time and customer experience, effectively solve the problem of return and exchange, such as after-sales, will also be expected to lead the next stage of cross-border e-commerce development trends, the first to open the "cross-border e-commerce 2.0" era.
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