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    CBG's award-winning essay collection activity, continue to gather researchers quickly

    • Last Update: 2017-10-16
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    Notice do you want to be the "God of Science Popularization" in the eyes of younger martial brother and younger martial sister? Do you want to be the potential rookie in the boss's mind? Do you want to be the popular "science online Red"? If you have a good habit of browsing literature, if you also like tracking industry hot spots, if you are still passionate about writing, if you are very fond of sharing, then we invite you to join CBG

    Here, you can share your opinions, tell your stories, and have a better chance to get rich remuneration from CBG

    Come on, we want you

    Activity flow process activity cycle essay collection activity is long-term effective

    The monthly ranking time of this period is from October 16, 2017 to November 15, 2017 (CBG will announce in advance if there is any adjustment to the remuneration and reading requirements) 1

    Contributors are welcome to contact us via, to communicate with us on topics, formats and intellectual property rights, and then publish articles in CBG information


    CBG real name authentication users directly publish articles that meet the requirements of articles in CBG information

    In view of the professionalism of CBG platform, the articles participating in the article solicitation need to have a clear content direction

    The activities of soliciting articles welcome the sharing of professional direction, do not encourage too broad topics, and some directions do not accept contributions

    Direction of submission: including but not limited to the professional direction of basic sciences such as chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, astronomy, earth science, logic and the original content of popular science direction

    The direction of not accepting contributions: including but not limited to the contents that are different from the mainstream scientific concept and scientific spirit, such as health preservation, constellation, life principle, etc.; contents involving general politics, emotion, entertainment gossip, etc.; contents that may affect the interests of others, such as seeking medical advice, psychological consultation, financial investment, etc

    Remuneration structure: for the original articles published during the activity, the following remuneration will be earned according to the reading volume ranking

    Award reading quota (person) reward amount (yuan) CBG "knowledge dissemination Award" 500 < = reading quantity < 5000 20 500 CBG "research bee Award" 5000 < = reading quantity < 10000 15 5000 CBG "sharing Talent Award" 10000 < = reading quantity < 100000 10 10000 CBG "national attention big prize" 100000 + 100000 PS: ① The "treatise" published in the column of "academic news" and passed the review; ② the academic articles adopted by CBG official micro official blog, such as technological methods, literature review or foreign literature compilation in the field of separation and purification / chemical synthesis

    You can get basic remuneration of 80-300 yuan / thousand words and enter the ranking

    Activity rules * publish original articles in CBG, and the author can choose whether to join the leaderboard or not

    *From the date when the original works enter the ranking, the copyright shall be owned by CBG by default

    *For works that enter the ranking list and CBG pays for contributions, CBG obtains the permanent and exclusive right to use the works

    If users want to use it for other purposes, they need to obtain CBG's consent, indicate that it is published in CBG and provide a link

    *For the works that have entered the ranking but have not obtained the reward for contribution or have given up the reward for contribution, the copyright shall be owned by the author again

    The author can publish the works on other platforms twice, and explain the information for the first time

    *On the 15th of each month, CBG will rank the articles published for 30 days according to the amount of reading, and on the 16th, CBG will publish the list of winners

    *Reading amount = reading amount of CBG registered users + reading amount of tourists (non CBG registered users) (including reading amount of wechat subscription number statistics) x 10%

    *If the corresponding reading amount of the award is met, the top ranked articles shall be selected according to the reading amount to determine the winner of the award

    *This activity forbids malicious competition and bill swiping

    Once it is found, it will be disqualified immediately

    *The activity is effective for a long time

    CBG will adjust the activity rules according to the actual situation and announce them in advance

    *CBG reserves the right of final interpretation of the activities

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