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    CCTV news: factory prices fell by 40% mask factory "stop work"

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
    • Source: Internet
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    Pharmaceutical Network june 10th, part of the mask factory shut downFactory prices fell 40%June 7, according to CCTV news, with the domestic epidemic gradually under control, mask production capacity has been oversupplied situation, not only the price fell very seriously, some mask factories have also been shut downSurveys show that the factory price of masks compared with April fell by about 40%, from some e-commerce platform data found that 50 installed Nanbo medical care masks for example, it sold on the Tmall platform 89 yuan, 618 promotion after 16.5 yuan, to the hand price of each mask only need 1.45 yuan (price only to do analytical reference, specifically to business information)Staff told the media that sales of masks in May were down 10 to 20 percent from the previous monthAccording to business sources, the best-selling ischildrenmasks, because of the impact of school starts, mask style is also increasingly a guarantee of sales, many young people choose a different style, personalized and diversified masksN95masks fall the fastest
    which type of mask shone the most?Yang Yanyu, director of China Nanbo Group Co., Ltd., told CCTV that the n95 and KN95 masks are the most obvious, because its own practical quantity is relatively small, but the production capacity is very large, the impact will be more serious;At the same time, due to the increase of the export threshold, some enterprises have encountered the plight of not selling out, the domestic mask industry presents the status quo of ice fire two daysAs a result of the spread of the epidemic abroad, many enterprises have transformed, overtime to cope with new orders from abroadLiu Zhixiong, chairman of Shenzhen Sanno Group, pointed out to CCTV that enterprises have now exported more than one billion masks, millions of daily sales, about 230 million masks a month exported, exported about 20 or 30 countriesMask factories aredifferent production scenarios for different enterprisesCCTV news pointed out that in Anhui, a mask enterprise production workshop, the production line has been suspended, business leader Yao Wei told the media, domestic demand for masks plummeted, exports are facing the problem of insufficient qualifications, which makes business difficultiesYao Wei told CCTV: Some foreign customers named to China's Ministry of Commerce whitelist enterprises to produce masks, we as early as a month ago, actively bid for THE European Union CE certification and the domestic Ministry of Commerce white listTo reduce the risk, they can only temporarily stop businesses during this time, the enterprise invested in 20 KN95 production lines, nearly half of the production line in the state of shutdown"From mid-march to early May, there was a shortage of productsBut with the mid-May, foreign customers on the qualification requirements continue to improve, we have been stuck on the qualification, resulting in today's production line is basically half a day did not turnYao Wei told CCTVLiu Zhixiong, chairman of Shenzhen Sanno Group, pointed out: Because the white list is a round, does not mean that there is no white list ofenterprisesquality is not good, the white list is constantly being updatedThe future of small and medium-sized mask factory may be the way forward, let the big factory to buy, merger, will face a new round of shufflingIndustry insiders told the media, for those who have rushed to invest in the construction, production level simply can not meet thestandardsmask factory, may face a large number of closuresAnd for those who produce quality standards, only because the qualification application queue time is too long, resulting in a short period of business difficulties of the enterprise, there is still hope of survival   Demand is no longer high
    the domestic supply of masks is adequate, and the mask industry is facing new adjustments And in the upper reaches of the industrial chain of the mask machine and melt spray cloth demand has also changed, the price has been significantly reduced   After the outbreak of new crown pneumonia in China, the market demand for masks increased significantly, so the production of masks have also become difficult to find, but the current demand is no longer high   In fact, not only mask machine, with Sinopec, PetroChina and other enterprises in April this year, the new 20 production lines have reached production, the state-owned enterprises are expected to increase the production capacity of the melting cloth to more than 70 tons per day, under the influence of the supply and demand structure, as the main raw material for the production of masks spray cloth, prices have plummeted   Melting cloth before there was a market price of 6.7 million yuan per ton, now the price of the melting cloth has been reduced, basically reached the previous level of about 50%   At the same time, the growth rate of registration swells of mask-related businesses has slowed   According to the data, the number of registrations of mask-related enterprises decreased in May 2020, with 10,283 new monthly registrations, up -70.84 percent month-on-month compared with April, and 1,728 in May 2020, up from 57.60 percent in April
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