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    Cell: Anti-tumor cytotoxicity of bladder cancer by CD4 plus T-cells in tumors

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 9, 2020 /
    PRNewswirebioON // Anti-PD-1 immunotherapy has become a star therapyPatients with bladder cancer respond to PD-1 immunotherapy, but are not commonUntil now, the researchers have been unclear about the specific T-cells that mediatetumorsreject responsesto uncover the secret, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, the University of California, Los Angeles, and Chan Zuckerberg Biohub sequenced and analyzed 30,604 T cells in seven patients, and found that CD4 plus T cells in tumors mediated anti-
    tumorscytotoxicity of human bladder cancer, and the results of the study, published in Cell, "Intratumor CD4 plus T-Cells Anti-CysPhoto Source: Cell
    Highlights of the study include:human bladdertumorwith multiple cytotoxic CD4-T cell states;cytotoxic CD4-T cells can kill autologoustumorin the form of MHC ii dependency;autologous T cells can inhibit the activity of cytotoxic CD4-T cells; andcytotoxic CD4-gene markers predict the response to bladder cancersequencing single-cell RNA and paired T-cell receptors (paired T cell receptor, TCR), the researchers found that the state and pathways of CD8 plus T cells in tumors were not unique compared to non-malignant tissuesIn contrast, single-cell analysis of CD4-T cells showed severaltumorsspecific states, including a variety of different states of regulatory T cellssurprising, the researchers also found a cloned amplification of a variety of cytotoxic CD4 plus T cell statesThese CD4 plus T cells can kill autologous tumors in the form of MHC ii dependencies and are inhibited by regulated T cellsIn addition, the genetic characteristics of cytotoxic CD4 plus T cells intumorpredicted the clinical response of 244 patients with metastatic bladder cancer treated with anti-PD-L1( Y.Oh et al.
    IntratumorCD4 plus T Cells Mediate Anti-tumor Cytotoxicity in Human Bladder Cancer Cell 2020 DOI:
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