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    Cell Deep Interpretation! Lack of sleep can be life-threatening! Scientists have found that sleep deprivation can lead to the accumulation of reactive oxygen in the intestines, which in turn can lead to premature death!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/
    -- The initial symptoms of lack of sleep are familiar to all, including fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and rarely experience the consequences of prolonged sleep deprivation, including disorientation, paranoia and even hallucinationsThe fact that sleep as a pervasive behavior, and the fatal nature of severe sleep deprivation, supports the idea that sleep is essential to the body's survival, but researchers do not yet know the cause of sleep deprivation, which is fatal, recently published in the International Journal of, "Sleep Loss Can Can Can Life Of Life Life Life And Life Water Sspecy In Gut", a study published in the international journal, found that sleep deprivation or oxygen accumulation in the body's intestinesPhoto Credit: Alexandra Vaccaro, et al.
    , 2020; doi:10.1016/j.cell.2020.04.049
    researchers used fruit flies and mice to study and found that sleep deprivation/loss causes the body's reactive oxygen (ROS, reactive oxygen species) and the accumulation of oxidative stress effects, especially in the intestine; And reactive oxygen can effectively prevent oxidative stress reactions, but also allow very little sleep or sleepless fruit flies have a normal life, through oral antioxidants or targeted intestinal antioxidant enzymes genetically modified expression or can save the damage caused by ROS;the study, researchers revealed the causes of body death caused by experimental sleep deprivation, saying that THE removal of ROS may be a daily sleep function, but there is also a possibility that sleep loss creates a unique disadvantage that leads to the accumulation of ROS, which may be due to increased yield, reduced removal rate or both, and that the body's long-term awakening state may directly affect the gut, but the accumulation of ROS may also be derived from signals from other tissueslack of sleep directly induces the production of internal network stress in the gut, triggering oxidative stress reactions in tissues, after researchers found through animal models that long-term comprehensive sleep restrictions/deficiencies can lead to premature death of individuals, and in order to try to get back to the water, most studies focus on brain research because the brain is the source of sleep, but the researchers have not yet come to some conclusive resultsthe researchers found that fruit flies can sleep by physical shaking, so they engineered the fruit flies withgeneticengineered modifications to express a heat-sensitive protein in specific neurons in their brains that inhibits sleep and induces neurons to remain active when the fruit flies are placed at 29 degrees Celsius (84 degrees Fahrenheit), blocking the fruit fly's sleepAfter 10 days of temperature-induced sleep deprivation, the death rate of fruit flies increased dramatically until the fruit fly died in 20 days, and under the same environmental conditions, sleep-normal control fruit flies were able to survive for about 40 daysSince the death rate of fruit flies increases around the 10th day, the researchers want to look for markers that induce cell damage in their bodies, and they find that there is a significant accumulation of ROS in the intestines of sleep-deprived fruit flies, which, in most cases, destroys the function of DNA and other components in the cells, thus inducing cell death, the researchers said, the accumulation of ROS will peak in the fruit fly sleep loss of about 10 daysOther experimental results have shown that ROS accumulates only in the intestines of animals that have experienced sleep-persistent deprivation, the main source of this deadly ROS Photo Credit: Alexandra Vaccaro, et al.
    , 2020; doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2020.04.049
    researcher Vaccaro says that sleep-deprived fruit flies die at the same rate every time, and that when we look at signs of cell damage and death, the most significant tissue is the intestine; The researchers also used gentle, persistent mechanical stimulation to keep mice awake for up to five days to analyze whether THE accumulation of ROS also occurred in other species, with levels of ROS in sleep-deprived mice in small intestines and large intestine tissue smaller, but not in other organs, in line with observations in fruit flies To clarify whether ROS in the intestines plays a causal role in sleep deprivation-induced deaths, the researchers analyzed whether inhibiting the accumulation of ROS prolongs the survival of animals; When supplements are given to fruit flies, they give sleep-deprived fruit flies a normal or near-normal life span; these compounds include melatonin, thiothanacid and NAD, which in particular effectively remove ROS from the intestines, and it is worth noting that the supplement does not seem to prolong sleep-deprived fruit flies The researchers believe that THE accumulation of ROS in the gut may play a central role in triggering premature death of sleep-deprived fruit flies, and researchers still don't know why lack of sleep induces the accumulation of ROS in the body's gut, and why it has a fatal effect; during sleep deprivation, levels of ROS in the body's intestines begin to rise, perhaps a protective reaction, and under natural conditions, the possibility of animals falling asleep before ROS reaches dangerously high levels may exist, as antioxidants sometimes accelerate the death of sleep-deprived animals; we all know that lack of sleep interferes with the body's hunger signaling pathways, so researchers have measured fruit flies' food Intake to analyze whether there is a specific association between eating and risk of death, and they found that some sleep-deprived fruit flies ate more in a day than control fruit flies without sleep deprivation, however, limiting food intake did not seem to affect the survival of fruit flies, which may indicate that factors other than food intake may also be involved researchers are currently working hard to identify specific biochemical pathways that induce ROS accumulation in the body's gut and subsequent physiological disturbances, and the results of this study could also help researchers develop new treatments that neutralise negative health outcomes from sleep loss; many of us are now in a state of chronic sleep deprivation, and even if we know that staying up late every night is not good for the body's health, we still do so, so we need to understand the biology of sleep loss that impairs the body's health, so that even preventive measures can be taken to block sleep loss ( References: Alexandra Vaccaro, Yosef Kaplan Dor, Keishi Nambara, et al.
    Sleep Loss Cause Can Death through The RAfter s oxygen species in the gut .
    , 2020; doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2020.04.049
    Sleep, and death .. The gut?
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